Ade or Adé may refer to:


* Ade (actor), an English actor
* Ade, a beverage made from fruit juice
* Adé, Chad
* Adé, Hautes-Pyrénées, a commune in France
* Ade, Indiana, an unincorporated place in the United States
* AdeS, an Indonesian bottled water brand
* José dos Santos Ferreira, Macanese writer popularly known as Adé
* King Sunny Adé, a Nigerian musician
* Emmanuel Adebayor, Togolese footballer who has the nickname Ade
* George Ade, American writer, newspaper columnist, and playwright
* Ade Gardner, British rugby player

ADE (acronym)

* Acoustic droplet ejection
* ADE classification of simply laced Lie groups, Coxeter groups, convex regular polytopes and other objects in mathematics
* Adelanto Junction (Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach station), from its Amtrak 3-letter code]
* ADE, the IATA code for Aden International Airport
* ADE, the ICAO code for Ada Air
* Adverse Drug Event
* Aeronautical Development Establishment, a laboratory of the DRDO in India

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