List of characters from The Saddle Club

List of characters from The Saddle Club

This is a list of characters from, "The Saddle Club."

Carole Hanson is a bright girl and natural rider, who almost gave it up when her mother died from cancer. This was compounded by the death of Cobalt, Veronica's old horse, who Carole adored. Her father, Colonel Mitch Hanson, urged her to continue. Somewhat forgetful and occasionally a know-it-all when it comes to horses, she has planned her future to be with horses, though has not decided what it will finally be. She purchased Starlight, a buckskin gelding, with money left to her by her mother, and she helps with the raising and training of Samson, a foal sired by Cobalt. Carole wishes she had an older brother that could share his clothes with her. Carole gets jealous whenever she sees other kids with their moms and Mother-Daughter relations are too painful for her now that Karen's gone. Even though Cobalt wasn't Carole's horse it felt like he belonged to her in addition to Starlight, because Carole loved Cobalt so much. Carole loved Starlight and Cobalt equally. Ever since Cobalt's death Carole's hated Veronica even more, but had one moment of comforting her. Carole's spent her whole life moving around. She's lived in five different houses and been to eight different schools. Carole feels like she's never really had a home until she came to Pine Hollow. When Carole meet Andrea at first she was jealous, but then she changed her attitude about Andrea and became friends with her. Like Red and Jake Carole plays the guitar. In Season 3 Carole's accepted for a scholarship at a prestigious international riding academy and The Saddle Club must host a JB’s musical fundraiser, so Carole and Starlight can afford to travel overseas and take part in the opportunity of a lifetime. Carole's favorite color is Purple.

Stevie Lake dropped her given name, Stephanie, and has always been tomboyish. Now being uncomfortable with the activities other girls of her age do, but at the same time getting tired of being "one of the boys," one thing remains: her love of horses. Stevie's parents pay for one riding lesson a week for her, but Stevie must work at the stables to earn more lessons. She is impulsive, stubborn, a joker, and often gets into trouble outside of the show ring. On The Mountain Trail Overnight she meets Phil Marsten, who develops a crush on her; they begin dating later on in the series and is the only one of The Saddle Club to have a true boyfriend. Stevie rides Comanche, a bay gelding, until she rescues Belle, a black Arabian/Saddlebred mare that she found. Stevie is allowed to keep Belle after her owner, realizes that they belong together. Stevie's 'act now, think later' approach to life gets her into trouble, but when she enters the show ring she becomes another person. In "Stevie's Bad Day" Stevie fell off Belle, ended up with a mild Concussion, and got a small bump on the back of her head due to not wearing her helmet. Stevie will never forgive Veronica for trying to hurt her and Comanche after Veronica put her pager under Comanche's saddle, and for tearing off part of a note that Phil wrote her to tell her how he really felt about Stevie in "Bridle Path Part 2". Stevie has never forgiven Dr. Whiteside for acuseing her of not taking care of Belle in "Tender Foot". Once Stevie tried to free the school gold fish. In "Facing the Music" Stevie is dared by the boys to rough ride, and they're impressed by how good she is at rough riding. Stevie's favorite color is Blue.

Lisa Atwood is an excellent student, but struggles to overcome her 'good girl' image. When she started riding, she did not think she would like it very much. Since her mother makes her do everything a young lady must do, she figured it was just another one of those things. Lisa is a perfectionist, encouraged by her mother, Eleanor, urging for her to be best at everything. Lisa is completely loyal to her friends, but has a bit of a wandering eye when it comes to boys. She has a series of little crushes, but she doesn't often act on them. Her first horse was Patch, the well-trained school horse, but she quickly graduates to Prancer, an ex-race horse that Lisa is determined to make into a champion show jumper. Carole and Stevie begin liking her when she saves Stevie's life from a deadly prank Veronica pulled. Lisa's confidence with boys was boosted when actor Skye Ransom took an interest in her during a filming session; her first kiss was with him. Lisa has many extracurricular activities, but she often wishes she has less to do. She almost went to boarding school at when her grades slipped due to focusing on riding instead of school, and Lisa finally learns to stand up for herself and confront her mother. In "Over The Bit" Red's run-away cousin Liam saved her life when Lisa had to have an emergency Appendectomy due to stress from school, homework, ballet, clarinet lessons, riding lessons, and baby-sitting. She was thrown off Prancer when trying to win the Oakridge Horse Show as a wedding present for Max and Deborah, and she ended up in the hospital with a coma and a bad concussion. Stevie and Carole bring Prancer to the hospital window in a successful attempt to wake the comatose Lisa up. Lisa is jealous of Melanie and thinks that her little sister is perfect. In the books Lisa is very artistic. Lisa's good at making milk shakes. Lisa's a classic over-achiever and prefectionist. Lisa's favorite colors are Red and Orange.

Veronica DiAngelo is the spoiled daughter of wealthy businessman, Frank diAngelo, and his wife, Helen diAngelo. Veronica is a big-headed, pompous individual who thinks she is better than everyone else. She is often rude, insulting, mean, and boy-crazy. She likes riding expensive thoroughbreds, but has little interest in caring for them. In the first series, Veronica causes her horse, Cobalt, to have a fatal accident; Veronica took a difficult jump far too fast, and Cobalt's mistimed landing caused him to fracture his sesamoid and pastern, therefore he was put to sleep. Veronica's parents buy her a new horse, Garnet. At first, she doesn't like Garnet but gradually starts to like her after Kristi said that she might buy her off of Veronica. She attends school with The Saddle Club, but was happier at an elite girls' school she attended before her parents bought the estate at Pine Hollow. Veronica becomes interested in Phil Marsten because his family owns land and breeds Arabian horses. When her father's finances suffer in Season 2, she winds up working at the stables to cover Garnet's board and her lessons. For a while Veronica seems to find Scooter annoying, but gradually grows to like him. Veronica has never forgiven The Saddle Club for putting her in danger and for switching Garnet with Mrs. Marsten's horse, Nomad, to teach her a lesson of horse care in "Flying Change". Ever since The Saddle Club switched Garnet with Nomad, Veronica's hated them even more. Veronica fell off Cobalt twice; she got a mild Concussion and sprained her ankle in "Trail Ride Part 2" and fell off of Cobalt in "Trail Ride Part 1" and she sprained her arm in "Greener Pastures Part 1". In "Greener Pastures Part 1" after Cobalt's accident she was worried about Cobalt and wanted to stay with him instead of getting her arm X-Rayed after she took a jump on Cobalt at a gallop after Max told her not to. She also fell of Garnet in "Show Ponies Part 1" and landed in the mud. In "Found Horse Part 1" Veronica got Poison Ivy when she followed Stevie when she went to look for Belle who she thought was The Phantom Horse. Veronica has never forgiven Lisa for all of the mean things that she wrote about her in her diary, Max for suspending her from Pine Hollow until further notice after she gave Prancer extra oats to boost her energy when she was poisoned for eating Oleander and for putting Lisa on Prancer in "Jumping to Conclusions," Lisa for telling Carole about her plan to hurt Stevie and Comanche, Phil for choosing Stevie over her, and Drew for threatening to kick her out of Pine Hollow when she was acting like the bossy, spoilt brat after her dad invested money into Pine Hollow to help save the riding school from being sold. Veronica saved Pine Hollow from being sold in "Finishing Strongly". Veronica has never forgiven The Saddle Club for always leaving her out. Deep down Veronica is jealous of The Saddle Club's friendship and she's lonely because her parents never spend any time with her and Veronica would love to be a member of The Saddle Club, but she'd never admit it. In "Greener Pastures Part 2" Veronica admitted that Carole was right. Veronica also admitted that if it wasn't for her Cobalt would still be alive. In "Bridle Path Part 1" Veronica caused Lisa to fall off of Prancer and end up in a coma when she egged Lisa on to take a jump that was too hard for her. Veronica's the more experienced rider at Pine Hollow, that she's been riding longer, and that she has a bookshelf full of trophies and a whole wall covered in ribbons and she writes songs and poems. Veronica thinks that she's a better rider than Lisa when in reality The Saddle Club are better riders than Veroncia. Veronica hates Belle because she reminds her of Cobalt. Veronica doesn't like it when people touch her stuff. Veronica's a bossy know-it-all and thinks she knows everything about everything. Like Kristi Veronica became friends with Ashley and Melanie. Veronica had a crush on Red's best friend Jake until she meet Scooter in Season 2. Veronica doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong. In "Back In The Saddle" Veronica puts herself and Garnet in danger when she uses electronic devices to cheat in a race that she challenged The Saddle Club to and almost sank in Quicksand, but thankfully The Saddle Club and Garnet saved Veronica's life. Veronica's favorite colors are Green and Red.

Kristi Cavanaugh is Veronica's closest ally. Kristi is Veronica's best friend. Kristi is known as the stable flirt, more interesting in catching boys' attention with expensive riding clothes than in learning to ride. She first arrives in Pine Hollow as a guest of Veronica, but signs up quickly after seeing some of the cute stablehands and riders. She does not have the same dislike for The Saddle Club as Veronica, but does not bond with them either. She also has a crush on Red, Pine Hollow's stablehand. In "Bloodlines," thanks to The Saddle Club, Kristi learns that Chelsea Smith is her big sister. Kristi has never forgiven Veronica for almost making Red quit Pine Hollow again in "High Stakes Part 1" and in "High Stakes Part 2". Kristi has never forgiven Stevie for saying that it was her fault that Pepper got to old in "The Home Straight". Kristi would love to be a member of The Saddle Club, but she's pulled back by Veronica. The color red makes Kristi look fat. Sometimes Kristi will wear a pendent of a broken heart that Mr. Cavanaugh gave Kristi for her 8th birthday. According Kristi Melanie can be a bit scary sometimes. Like Veronica Kristi became friends with Ashley and Melanie. Kristi's been reading Tarot Cards forever. Kristi's on Thouragly Horse's file to be a model. Kristi thinks that Melanie's a pain. After Season 2 Kristi isn't seen again, and after "Back In The Saddle" Kristi isn't mentioned again. Kristi's favorite color is Black.

Red O'Malley is the head stable hand at Pine Hollow. Seventeen years old and good-looking, he is well regarded by the girls for his skills with the horses, both riding and in the stable. The Saddle Club helped Red deal with his past, which has allowed him to ride again. Veronica treats him poorly, but Kristi tends to follow him around. Red has never forgiven Veronica for treating him like crud. In Season 2 Red got his instructor credibility. Red quit riding before he came to Pine Hollow after Greenwood burned down due to a barn fire. Red's riding team was training for the nationals when he blew it in one of the trials. Red's trainer was mad and they got into a fight. It was Red's job to check and make sure that everything was O.K. for the night when the barn caught on fire. They didn't get all of the horses out in time and the horses where so badly burnt that they had to put two of them down, and one was Red's horse Joker. According to Red Joker was the most incrediable horse, that they had a special bond, and that Joker would have done anything for Red. Red plays the guitar in a band. However, his guitar and his band aren't seen or mentioned again in Season 2. After Season 2 Red isn't seen or mentioned again.

Jake is Red's best friend and fellow band member. In "Jumping to Conclusions" Jake worked part-time as a stable hand at Pine Hollow until "Track Record" when Jake quit after he started a barn fire when he didn't bring in the hay before it rained. Jake wasn't much help to Red. Whenever Jake tried to fix something he'd break it. Jake was always goofing off or listening to music, and Red was really mad at Jake when he was playing his guitar for Kristi and Veronica instead of bringin the hay in. After the barn fire was put out Jake lied and said that he did bring in the hay, but in the end Jake told the truth. Jake has a crush on Deborah.

Jack O'Neil is a real country boy with a yearning for the city and the big time. He’s a wonderful rider and a gem around the horses. His dream is to become a world famous trainer and he will go to desperate lengths to prove his worth. He’s very handsome and rather ‘cool’. The girls love him. Except Veronica who thinks he’s crass and way beneath her. They have love/hate relationship.

Phil Marsten is Stevie's boyfriend and a member of Pine Hollow's rival pony club Cross County Pony Club but he signs up for Saturday lessons at Pine Hollow in "Trail Ride Part 2". Intensely competitive with Stevie, the two often try to outdo one another. It is obvious that the two are attracted to one another, but they argue so much they cannot see it themselves. They finally get together in "Bridle Path Part 2". He usually rides his horse Teddy western-style, but also rides him English in season 2. Phil has sisters. In "Join Up" Phil started to take Hip-Hop dancing lessons. Phil collects stamps. Phil will never forgive Kristi and Veronica for accusing him of poisioning Starlight, Belle, Prancer, Garnet, and Comanche in "Race Against Time". In "Jumping To Conclusions" Phil asked Jake for advice on how to get Stevie to like him, but Jake's advice didn't work until Phil figured out that Oleander was making Prancer sick, and Stevie thanked Phil and gave him a hug. Phil's rich, but he's not a snob.

Brian "Scooter" Mulcahy is a friend of basically everyone at Pine Hollow who works at the diner, JB's, where the riders often go to after a riding lesson. He often helps out at Pine Hollow in his spare time. The girls often go to him for advice. He seems to have a crush on Veronica, and is determined to find good in her. It appears that at the end of the second season, he and Veronica are having a romance. Scooter is The Saddle Club's manager since they formed a band. Scooter is from Ireland. In the last episode we find out that his father owns half of Dublin, and he lives in one of his three castles. Like Mrs. Reg, Scooter gives good advice. Everybody at Pine Hollow likes Scooter because of his happy-go-lucky nature. He loves a laugh and is very good company, and will stop you working at the drop of a hat. He is employed around Pine Hollow to install a computer system and as a general 'gofer'. Scooter loves computers because he reckons they can do your thinking for you while you get on with other schemes. The Irish stable-hand has big dreams of writing a program which will open the door to wealth, fast cars and wall-to-wall computer games. In the meantime, he wants to be the manager of the Saddle Club singers. Lisa, Stevie and Carole will do the hard work while he does the hard bargaining. That way everybody wins - especially him. He is always looking for some hot deal to make and he pretends to be an expert in fields he knows nothing about. And he uses words like 'entrepreneur', 'marketing strategies' and 'entertainment industry' when he is trying to set up a deal for the girls singing career, and it is really just talk. But he is a nice guy and would never betray his friends. Scooter's rich and his dad owns half of Dublin. Unlike Kristi and Veronica Scooter's not a snob. After Season 2 Scooter isn't seen or mentioned again.

Dorothée Doutey is a seventeen year-old Junior Champion from France, but at first she comes across as cold because her mind is clouded with doubt about her own riding abilities. A serious fall in Badminton broke her pelvis and set back her career while she spent eight weeks in the hospital. Even the judges of the event felt she pushed her horse, Hugo, far too hard, and that caused the accident. Her parents sent Dorothèe to Pine Hollow with Hugo, hoping to help bring her out of her psychological shell. Dorothèe limps when she walks, and it is very hard to get to know her due to her doubt and shattered self-confidence, but she is not as bad as she seems. She gets invited to join the Olympic Team and she goes to ride in the Olympics. And she seems to like Red. Dorothée's favorite color is White.

Max Regnery is the owner and manager of Pine Hollow Stables, Deborah's husband, Mrs. Reg's son, and Drew's cousin. He co-runs the stable with Mrs. Reg. He is also the riding instructor. He is a kind and generous man, and is always there to help out when there's a problem. He is an extremely skilled rider, having won numerous awards and competitions as a young man, and is seen as a mentor and friend by his students. He also has a firm side and has little tolerance of bullying and nonsense. In the first season, he meets Deborah Hale, a local journalist with a city paper, who doesn't like horses as much as he does. The two fall in love and get married by the end of the first season. In the second season, Max goes away to France for three months to take master equitation classes. His cousin, Drew, takes the helm for him in his absence. Max usually doesn't let beginning riders go on The Mountain Trail Overnight. Max and Deborah live at Pine Hollow with Mrs. Reg. Max's favorite color is Red.

Deborah Hale Regnery is Max's wife, Mrs.Reg's daughter-in-law, and Drew's cousin-in-law. Deborah is a reporter for the local city newspaper called "The Daily News". Before moving to the country, Deborah lived in a condo in the city. When she married Max, she gave up her city life and now lives at Pine Hollow with Max and Mrs. Reg. Deborah is still getting used to country life. Deborah used to wear pant suits and dresses and other fancy clothes. Now she wears T-Shirts and jeans. Deborah's afraid of horses, and Max gets mad when she doesn't want to be around horses. Deborah's slowly over coming her fear of horses. Deborah's been taking riding lessons and making great progress. In "First Refusal" Deborah proposed to Max on horse back and he said yes. Deborah's always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Deborah thinks that Pine Hollow is relaxing. After "Join Up" Deborah went back to France with Max and doesn't come back home with Max after it seems like Pine Hollow is going to be sold. After Season 2 Deborah isn't seen or mentioned again.

Elizabeth Regnery "Mrs. Reg" is Max's mother and co-owner of the stables. She use to be an Olympic rider until she had a hip replacement surgery. Mrs.Reg still rides, though. She is a caring woman who The Saddle Club often go to for advice. Mrs.Reg is into old home remedies and gives good advice. Mrs. Reg's other nick name is Liz. Mrs. Reg has a home remady for Poison Ivy that she's prefected over the years and it really works. According to Mrs. Reg Mrs. Atwood is worse than a mare with her first foal. In "Track Record" Mrs. Reg told Red that she knew he didn't start the barn fire and that there's not much that she doesn't see. In Red Mrs. Reg sees a dedicated stable hand who would rather hurt himself than hurt a horse and that he's consensus. Mrs. Reg is Deborah's mother-in-law, and Drew's aunt.

Drew Regnery is Max's cousin, Deborah's cousin-in-law, and Mrs. Reg's nephew. He comes to Pine Hollow to help while Max is away. Drew learned how to ride on Pepper and he has a degree in business. Drew always thought that Bob Cawlin was a bit nuts when he was a kid. Indicating that Max, Drew, and Bob have know each other ever since they where kids. The Regnerys, David McLeoud, and The Cawlin's are enemies and they hate each other. He has an entrepreneur's spirit and has always thought that Pine Hollow could be better run. His desire to put Pine Hollow on a more business-like footing leads him into forging a partnership with Veronica's dad, Mr. diAngelo. But he is also a sunny-natured person, so he doesn't make any sweeping changes to begin with. Drew's stern, but with a soft side. He is a colorful character, a little complex, but very human. Drew thinks that Veronica is strange. Drew's had a bad sholder for years and he has a chiropractor in the city. After Season 2 Drew isn't seen or mentioned again.

Melanie Atwood is Lisa's little sister. She can be quite mischievous and sometimes a little bit cheeky. Sometimes she may seem bossy, but for the most part, she is a nice girl. It seems that Melanie hates Carole and Stevie because Lisa would rather hang out with them. Melanie is always spying on Lisa and telling on her. It also seems that Melaine is jealous of Lisa's friendship with The Saddle Club because she doesn't like to share Lisa with Carole and Stevie. According to Melanie, singing is in her family's genes. Melanie will never forgive Lisa for saying "You are so awful." in "Bloodlines" after she embarrassed Lisa by adding a personal picture of Lisa on her school project about family trees. According to Melanie, Lisa thinks she knows everything. Like Ashley Melanie became friends with Kristi and Veronica. Melanie agreed with Ashley when she said that Veronica's a hot dresser. In "Race Against Time" we learn that Lisa and Melanie's aunt knows how to Tie-dye and their aunt does a lot of tie dyeing. Melanie looks up to Lisa and thinks that her big sister is cool. Melanie's favorite color is Pink.

Ashley is Melanie's best friend. She is smart, but she doesn't always show it. She is very caring about her friends and likes to make sure everyone is okay. Ashley took dancing lessons when she was little. Ashley will often wear a blue Ribbon in her hair. In "Show Ponies Part 1" Ashley rode Comanche. Veronica gave Ashley her coat after it shrunk in the wash since it wouldn't fit her anymore. In "Trail Ride Part 1" we learn that Ashley has a sister and that Ashley's mom was making her miss the MTO (Mountain Trail Overnight) to attend her sister's birthday party and that Ashley's sister isn't even double digits yet. After Ashley explained this before introducing herself to Melanie she said, "Like I care." According to Ashley, families are tough. According to Ashley people don't have a right to their privacy all the time. According to Ashley Veronica's a hot dresser. Like Melanie Ashley became friends with Kristi and Veronica. Ashley's favorite color is Green. After Season 2 Ashley isn't seen or mentioned again.

Jess Cooper is Melanie's new best friend and she's new to Pine Hollow. Her family are carnie folk and follows rodeos around the country. The home schooling just wasn’t working for her and she is spending the rest of the year with her grandfather in Willow Creek and attending the local high school. At Pine Hollow, Melanie who is missing her friend Ashley, immediately befriends her. Jess has a few tricks of her own and is more than an equal match for Melanie and her crazy ideas and schemes. When Jess was in the circus she rode horses, juggled, and told fortunes for a dollar.

Desi Biggins- A pretty, rather sweet upper class girl. She’s been a member of a Pony Club since she was little and now that her family has moved to Willow Creek she can spend even more time on her beloved hobby. Desi, like Veronica and Carole, is an only child. When Desi first arrives at Pine Hollow she’s ignored by Veronica and taken under the wing of The Saddle Club. It’s only when Veronica learns that Desi is the daughter of Barry Biggins, a real estate magnate who has just sold his property development business for some forty million dollars, that she changes her tune and cosies up to Desi. Veronica woos the newcomer. But as Desi settles in to Pine Hollow she slowly carves out a niche for herself, managing not to fall out completely with The Saddle Club, as well as being Veronica’s ally, a balancing act that indicates just how politically adept she is. Throughout the series Desi also befriends new Pine Hollow student Simon Atherton, much to the annoyance of Veronica. Desi appreciates Simon’s wit and his ability to deal with Veronica on her own sneaky terms, able to see his potential as a good rider and all round nice guy. Desi's real name is Desiree, but everyone calls her Desi.

Simon- has packed a lot into his 13 years. Travel, relationships, education, hobbies. The only trouble is it’s all digital. Simon is a computer geek. To him, real life is a very inefficient way to get experience. His parents are research scientists who travel the world attending conferences and have parked him with his aunt and uncle in Willow Creek. Simon’s interpersonal skills are shaky so he spends a lot of time in his room with his next-generation computer. Afraid that he will grow an electrode out of his head, Roy and Gaye insist that he get out more, join a club. The only local clubs are the footy club and Pine Hollow Riding School. Simon went online and quickly figured out that twenty or so hefty guys going for the same ball was a fraught situation and the expression ‘injury time’ nagged at him. Riding a horse looked much more straightforward, particularly since the search engine led him to a lot of caper westerns. He has a good heart and would never knowingly cause harm to anybody. He really likes the girls at Pine Hollow because they treat him like one of them – so he feels less like a geek, and eventually comes to prefer their company to his Nintendo DS. He gets on very well with Desi. He’s the go-to man for anyone who needs IT assistance at Pine Hollow, and wants to position the Regnery database on the information superhighway with amusing results.

Andrea Barry- rode at Pine Hollow for a week. Andrea and Doc have been in a lot of horse shows. Andrea's mom is a sale's rep and she's always changing territory so they move a lot. Andrea's smart, nice, pretty, and a good rider like Carole. Like Carole Andrea's totally horse crazy and amazing rider. Veronica called Andrea the new and improved Carole.

Tina is Stevie's other best friend. Before Tina moved to the city she and Stevie where like twins. When Tina came to see Stevie for her yearly visit in "Gift Horse" she got her belly button peirced and dressed like Kristi and Veronica. Tina stopped riding when her family moved to the city. Tina's not as horse crazy as she used to be. Once a year Tina will visit Willow Creek and spend the night with Stevie. After "Gift Horse" Tina isn't seen or mentioned again.

Sam Askew is a young wealthy girl with a link to the royal family. In reality Sam doesn't have pedigree taste. Sam comes to visit Pine Hollow. She befriends Stevie and becomes fond of rough riding. Sam's real name is Samantha, but everyone calls her Sam. After "Pedigree" Sam isn't seen or mentioned again.

Miranda is Sky's owner. Miranda is blind. After "Seeing is Believing" Miranda isn't seen or mentioned again.

Murray is an ex-army brat. Murray's having a tough time because of his dad's death. Carole and Murray don't get along at first and the only things they have in common are a love of horses and a love of riding. Murray owed some thugs a lot of money because he wanted to pay off his dad's gambeling debts since his father had a gambeling problem. Murray even helped those thugs horse-nap Garnet, but in the end Carole helped Murray get out of trouble and they put asid their differences once and for all. Murrray may seem like a creep when you first meet him, but in reality he's upset about his dad. Now his mom and step-dad breed Quarter Horses. He’s a great rough rider. He loves horses and loves the freedom of riding. A couple of his horses are on agistment at Pine Hollow and he loves going there to hang out with his best friend Phil Marsten. Together the boys would rather play pranks and muck up than conform to the structure of pony club. He’s great with The Barrel races.

Chelsea Smith is Kristi's long lost big sister. Chelsea and Kristi have the same dad, but they have different moms. Kristi's mom is Chelsea's step-mom and Chelsea's mom is Kristi's step-mom. Chelsea is an Artist and loves to draw and ride her motorcycle, but not as much as she loves Kristi, her mom, and the rest of their family. Chelsea has pink and black highlights in her short blond hair and her nose is peirced. Chelsea's mom left her dad before she was born and then Chelsea's mom reverted back to her maiden name. Chelsea and her mom didn't talk for a little while until she came to visit Chelsea, due the fact her motorcycle fell on her leg, and after Drew called Miss Smith from the hospital, and Chelsea and her mom made up. Chelsea found a letter from her dad explaining everything and a necklace with a broken heart pendent. Chelsea gave Kristi a drawing of Barq. The Saddle Club, Krisit, and Veronica rescued Chelsea after her motorcycle fell on her leg after she rode off mad due to Kristi hurting her feelings. Chelsea didn't really know her dad and she didn't even know his name until she found his letter. Chelsea came to Pine Hollow to sketch the horses and to find her long lost little sister, and who turned out to be Kristi. According to Chelsea, art is so simple compared to life and that you can make art perfect. That's why she likes art. After "Bloodlines" Chelsea isn't seen or mentioned again.

Eleanor Atwood is Lisa and Melanie's mom. Lisa and Melanie's mom is a mean stuck up snob. Mrs. Atwood is also a bossy control freak and except for her family everyone hates Mrs. Atwood. Mrs. Atwood doesn't approve of Lisa's friendship with Carole and Stevie and thinks that Veronica is Lisa's friend. One good thing about being best friends with Carole and Stevie is that it makes Mrs. Atwood mad. Mrs. Atwood has never forgiven Stevie for saying, "You should learn how to drive." in "The Saddle Club". Mrs. Atwood spoiles Melanie and hates horses. On Lisa's first day at Pine Hollow Mrs. Atwood called Lisa in the middle of her first lesson on her cell phone and caused Stevie to fall off of Comanche during the lesson. Mrs. Atwood wants Lisa to be accepted into the right circles. Mrs. Atwood and her husband love Lisa and Melanie equally. In "Running Free Part 2" the only reason Mrs. Atwood bought Diablo for Lisa was so that Raffael and his mother would leave Pine Hollow right away. Mrs. Atwood didn't approve of Raffael and thanks to Veronica, Ashley, and Melanie she found out about Lisa and Raffael. Mrs. Atwood is a model at the Willow Creek Mall. Mrs. Atwood's a determined social climber. According to Mrs. Atwood Lisa's camp counselor said that she's a natural rider. Sometimes Mrs. Atwood makes all of these decisions for Lisa without asking her what she wants. Mrs. Atwood clearly doesn't care that she puts to much stress on Lisa. Mrs. Atwood never expected Lisa to fall in love with horses and spend her time at the barn. She didn't expect Melanie to follow in Lisa's foot steps, either. Mrs. Atwood lives her life through Lisa and wants her daughter to be the best at everything.

Colonel Mitch Hanson is Carole's dad and Karen's husband. Mitch is in the U.S. army. Colonel Hanson and Stevie are buddies and they always tell each other jokes much to the annoyance of Carole and Lisa. Colonel Hanson gives Carole good advice and he approves of her friendship with Stevie and Lisa. Colonel Hanson misses Karen as much as Carole. In "Show Ponies Part 2" Colonel Hanson refused to let The Saddle Club go to JB's for their first gig as a band until they changed into something more sensible. Murray's dad was Colonel Hanson's army buddy until Murray's dad died. Until Whitney and Murray moved Colonel Hanson was Whitney's golf partner. Colonel Hanson loves golf.

Dee Marsten is Phil's mom. When Phil refused to let his mom invite The Saddle Club to their charity party in "Flying Change" Dee wouldn't take "No" for an answer and gave Phil a lecture after he was rude to Stevie. In the end Phil did the right thing and invited The Saddle Club to the Barby-Q since they where suspended from Pine Hollow for a week after they switched Garnet and Nomad. After "Flying Change" Dee isn't seen again. After "Love Is In The Air" Dee isn't mentioned again.

Frank diAngelo is Veronica's dad and Mrs. diAngelo's husband. Mr. diAngelo is a wealthy business man until he makes a few bad investments and his family becomes nearly broke in Season 2. Mr. diAngelo forged a partnership with Drew to help save Pine Hollow and invested into Windsong.

Helen diAngelo is Veronica's mom and Mr. diAngelo's wife. Mrs. diAngelo is everything that Mrs. Atwood wants to be. After Season 1 Mrs. diAngelo isn't seen or mentioned again.

Dr. Judy Barker is the local equine vet and takes care of the horses at Pine Hollow, other animals, and she takes care of the horses at Cross County Pony Club. Dr. Judy's husband Alan is her vet assistant. If Dr. Judy's out of town Dr. Baker or the new vet Dr. Whiteside will fill in for her..

Dr. George Whiteside is the new vet that will fill in for Dr. Judy and Dr. Martin if they're out of town. Thanks to Dr. Whiteside Belle didn't die from lead poisoning. After "Tenderfoot" Dr. Whiteside isn't seen or mentioned again. Thankfully Dr. Whiteside forgave Carole for being disrespectfull to him. Kristi and Veronica had a crush on Dr. Whiteside. Raffael is a gypsey boy that The Saddle Club meet in Season 2 after he save Lisa's life when Prancer got spooked by a snake and ran off. Kristi, Veronica, Neville, and Mr. Cowlin didn't trust Raffael and his mom from the beginning. Raffael has never forgiven Neville for stealing his guitar with all of his family's life savings and for stealing Diablo and locking him up in the Cowlin's garage. Originally Raffael got by with his correspondence lessons, but after "Running Free Part 2" Raffael talked his mom into setteling down so he could go to school like a normal kid. Raffael plays accustic and electric guitar and he plays bass. Raffael and his mom used to be in the circus where his mom would read fortunes. Raffael's dad ran away from the circus. Raffael and his mom now work at the Carnival at the Sweet Water Fun Park in Sweet Water. Raffael has never forgiven Bob for accusing him of stealing Lady Louise.

Neville Cowlin is a jerk and Bob's son. Nobody knows what the name of his horse is. He used to ride at Pine Hollow after leaving his old pony club before getting kicked out of Pine Hollow in "Running Free Part 2" for stealing Raffael's guitar. Deep down Neville's insicure due to having big ears and a big nose. Neville and Bob have never forgiven Raffael for almost riding them down.

Bob Cowlin is Neville's dad and a jerk like him. He tried to tell Drew that Raffael and his mom couldn't be trusted, but Drew refused to listen. Bob accused Raffael of stealing his prize mare Lady Louise. Raffael and his mom still stayed at Pine Hollow until Mrs. Atwood bought Diablo much to the annoyance of Bob and Neville.

Beth Eliott is Jenna's mom. Beth had a riding accident 20 years ago and it took another riding accident to make her realize she was wrong about horses. She called Barq a stupid nag and Beth's karma got her when Barq got spooked and she fell off of him. Beth's a know-it-all. Beth makes decisions for Jenna without asking her what she wants. Beth doesn't like it when Jenna take the bus by herself.

Liam is Red's little cousin. He saved Lisa's life in "Over the Bit" when her Appendix burst and fell in love with Jenna in "Blind Faith". Liam originally lied to everyone and ran away from home to come to Pine Hollow, but in Season 2 he came back for a short visit. After "Fillies versus Colts" Liam isn't seen or mentioned again. Liam looks up to Red and thinks his big cousin is cool. Liam lives in a condo. According to Liam Red's the best. In "Blind Faith" and "Fillies versus Colts" Liam rode Comanche. After "Blind Faith" Liam isn't seen or mentioned again.

David is Bert's owner and James's best friend. David was a geek until Carole gave him a make over so Lisa would go out with him when in reality David had a crush on Carole but he asked Lisa to be his date for the dance at Pine Hollow because Carole was excited about his make over. In the process of giving him a make over Carole got a crush on David. Carole and Lisa fight over David and it almost ruins their friendship and almost breaks up The Saddle Club. In the end Carole and David kiss hinting that they might become boyfriend and girlfriend. Lisa got mad at David after he threw some manuer on her jacket and insulted her jacket by accident. David can't control Bert. After "Join Up" David isn't seen or mentioned again.

John Brightstar is a big fat geek. Kristi used to have a crush on him, but he had a crush on Megan. John's dad owns the Western Rodeo program that Pine Hollow participates in for one weekend every year. Twoards the end of "Found Horse Part 2" it's possible that John and Megan went out for a little while. John just wanted to be friends with Kristi after she set him up with Megan. John loves riding, mountain biking, and his air drums. After "Found Horse Part 2" John isn't seen or mentioned again.

David McLeoud is Prancer's old owner and Carole's ex-boss. McLeoud is an evil business man who wanted to send Prancer to the slaughter house in "Work Horses". McLeoud has never forgiven Stevie for saying, "All you care about is getting your money from the slaughter house.". In the books McLeoud is a nice man who cares more about his horses than money. In the books McLeoud didn't want to sell Prancer for Horse meat. After "Work Horses" McLeoud isn't seen again and after "School Horses" and "High Stakes Part 1" Mr. McLeoud isn't mentioned again.

Harding is from The Disease Controle Center. In Season 2 there was an out break of the equine virus and he had to put down several horses. Harding thought that Hugo had the virus when in reality all of the horses didn't have the equine virus. Harding was ticked when Stevie took Comanche for a walk so he could see the riding trails one last time when they thought he had the virus, but he had colic all along and when The Saddle Club and Red came riding to the rescue. After "The Ride of His Life" Harding isn't seen or mentioned again.

Miss Amelia is the new riding instructor at Pine Hollow. She's mean and except for Veronica everyone hates her. They talk about fireing her in "Moving On Part 2". Miss Amelia uses a clicker to get the students attention. Miss Amelia sucks the fun out of everything. We meet her in Season 3.

Gus is Danville Dutchess's owner. We meet him in "The Dutchess and The Donkey".

Orlando is Jess's grandfather. She's staying with him for the rest of the year. Orlando is an ex-circus strongman. We meet him in "All That Glitters".

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