Bell Huey

Bell Huey

The Bell Huey family of helicopters includes a wide range of civil and military aircraft produced since 1956 and still manufactured in 2008.

This H-1 family of aircraft includes the utility UH-1 Iroquois and the derivative AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter series and ranges from the XH-40 prototype, first flown in October 1956 to the 21st Century UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper.

Civil designations

;Bell 204B:11 Seat utility transport helicopter, derived from the UH-1B. [$FILE/H1SW.pdf FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet H1SW for the 204, 205A, 205A-1 and 210 models] ] ;Agusta-Bell AB 204:11 Seat utility transport helicopter. Built under licence in Italy by Agusta.;Agusta-Bell AB 204AS:Anti-submarine warfare, anti-shipping version of the AB 204 helicopter.;Fuji-Bell 204B-2:11 seat utility transport helicopter. Built under licence in Japan by Fuji Heavy Industries.;Bell 205A:15 seat utility transport helicopter.;Agusta-Bell 205:15 seat utility transport helicopter. Built under licence in Italy by Agusta.;Bell 205A-1:15 seat utility transport helicopter, initial version based on the UH-1H.;Agusta-Bell 205A-1:Modified version of the AB 205.;Fuji-Bell 205A-1:15 seat utility transport helicopter. Built under licence in Japan by Fuji.;Bell 205A+:Field upgraded 205A utilizing a T53-17 engine and a 212 rotor system. Similar to the production 205B and 210.;Bell 205A-1A:A 205A-1, but with armament hardpoints and military avionics. Produced specifically for Israeli contract.;Bell 205B:15 seat upgraded 205A;Agusta-Bell 205BG:Prototype fitted with two Gnome H 1200 turboshaft engines. [ Greg Goebel's Vectorsite in Public Domain] ] ;Agusta-Bell 205TA:Prototype fitted with two Turbomeca Astazous turboshaft engines.;Advanced 205B:Proposed upgraded Japanese version.;Bell 208:Experimental twin-engine "Twin Huey" prototype.;Bell 209:Original AH-1G prototype with retractable skid landing gear.;Bell 210:15 seat upgraded 205A;Bell 211:The "HueyTug", was a commercial version of the UH-1C with an upgraded transmission, longer main rotor, larger tailboom, strengthened fuselage, stability augmentation system, and a 2,650 shp (1,976 kW) Lycoming T-55-L-7 turboshaft engine.cite web|url=|title=Skycranes|publisher= [ Centennial of Flight Commission] |accessdate=2007-03-15] ;Bell 212:15 seat twin-engined derivative of the Bell 205;Bell 214 Huey Plus:Strengthened development of the Bell 205 airframe with a larger engine;Bell 214ST:18 seat twin engined utility helicopter;Bell 249:Experimental AH-1 demonstrator version fitted with a four-bladed rotor system, an uprated engine and experimental equipment, including Hellfire missiles.Bishop, Chris. "Huey Cobra Gunships". Osprey Publishing, 2006. ISBN 1-84176-984-3.] ;Bell 309 KingCobra : Experimental version powered by one Lycoming T-55-L-7C engine. [ [ Model 309 Kingcobra / Model 409 AAH (YAH-63)] ,] ;Bell 412:Bell 212 with a four-bladed semi-rigid rotor system.;Bell Huey II:A modified and re-engined UH-1H, significantly upgrading its performance, and its cost-effectiveness. Currently offered by Bell to all current military users of the type.;Global Eagle:Pratt & Whitney Canada name for a modified UH-1H with a new PT6C-67D engine, modified tail rotor, and other minor changes to increase range and fuel efficiency over the Bell 212. [cite web|url=|title=Eagle Power|publisher= [ Aviation Today] |author=Douglas W. Nelms|date=2005-11-01|accessdate=2007-03-17] ;Huey 800:Upgraded commercial version, fitted with an LHTEC T800 turboshaft engine.Fact|date=January 2008;Panha Shabaviz 2-75:Unlicensed version made by Panha in Iran.;Panha 2091:Unlicensed Iranian upgrade of the AH-1J International.

Military designations (UH-1 and AH-1)

;XH-40:The initial Bell 204 prototype. Three prototypes were builtMutza, Wayne. UH-1 Huey In Action. Carrollton, Texas: Squadron/Signal Publications, 1986. ISBN 0-89747-179-2] ;YH-40:Six aircraft for evaluation, as XH-40 with 12-inch cabin stretch and other modifications.;Bell Model 533:One YH-40BF rebuilt as a flight test bed with turbofan engines and wings.;HU-1A:Initial Bell 204 production model, redesignated as the UH-1A in 1962.Andrade, John M. U.S. Military Aircraft Designations and Serials since 1909. Hersham, Surrey, UK: Midland Counties Publications, 1979. ISBN 0-904597-22-9.] ;TH-1A:UH-1A with dual controls and blind-flying instruments, 14 conversions.;XH-1A:A single UH-1A was redesignated for grenade launcher testing in 1960.;HU-1B:Upgraded HU-1A, various external and rotor improvements. Redesignated UH-1B in 1962.;YUH-1B:UH-1B prototypes;NUH-1B:a single test aircraft, serial number 64-18261.;UH-1C:UH-1B with improved engine, modified blades and rotor-head for better performance in the gunship role.;YUH-1D:Seven pre-production prototypes of the UH-1D.;UH-1D:Initial Bell 205 production model (long fuselage version of the 204).;HH-1D:Army crash rescue variant of UH-1D.;Dornier UH-1D:Military utility transport helicopter. Built under license in Germany by Dornier Flugzeugwerke. [ The Bell UH-1 Huey.] ] ;AH-1E:98 production aircraft with the Enhanced Cobra Armament System (ECAS) featuring the M97A1 armament subsystem with a three-barreled M197 20 mm cannon. The AH-1E is also referred to as the "Upgunned AH-1S", or "AH-1S(ECAS)" prior to 1988.;UH-1E:UH-1B/C for USMC with different avionics and equipment.;NUH-1E:UH-1E configured for testing.;TH-1E:UH-1C configured for Marine Corps training. Twenty were built in 1965.;AH-1F:The AH-1F is a "Modernized AH-1S".;UH-1F:UH-1B/C for USAF with General Electric T-58-GE-3 engine of 1,325 shp.;TH-1F:Instrument and Rescue Trainer based on the UH-1F for the USAF.;UH-1G:UH-1D/H gunships operating with the Cambodia armed forces were locally given the designation UH-1G.;AH-1G HueyCobra:Initial 1966 production model gunship for the US Army, with one 1,400shp Avco Lycoming T53-13 turboshaft.;JAH-1G HueyCobra:One helicopter for armament testing including Hellfire missiles and multi-barrel cannon.Donald, David. "The Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft". Barnes & Nobel Books, 1997. ISBN 0-7607-0592-5.] ;TH-1G HueyCobra:Two-seat dual-control trainer.;UH-1H:Improved UH-1D with a Lycoming T-53-L-13 engine of 1,400 shp. 5435 built.;CUH-1H:Canadian Forces designation for the UH-1H utility transport helicopter. Redesignated CH-118. [ [ "Bell CH-118 Iroquois."] Canadian DND webpage. Retrieved: 30 August 2007.] ;EH-1H:Twenty-two aircraft converted by installation of AN/ARQ-33 radio intercept and jamming equipment for Project Quick Fix.;HH-1H:SAR variant for the USAF with rescue hoist.30 built.;AIDC UH-1H:Military utility transport helicopter. Built under license in Taiwan by Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation.;JUH-1:Five UH-1Hs converted to SOTAS battlefield surveillance configuration with belly-mounted airborne radar.;TH-1H:Recently modified UH-1Hs for use as basic helicopter flight trainers by the USAF.;AH-1J SeaCobra:Original twin engine AH-1 version. ;AH-1J International:Export version of the AH-1J SeaCobra.;UH-1J:An improved Japanese version of the UH-1H built under license in Japan by Fuji was locally given the designation UH-1J. [ [ UH-1J 多用途ヘリコプター.] Retrieved: 11 December 2007.] [ [ The Bell UH-1 Huey.] Retrieved: 12 December 2007.] ;HH-1K:Purpose built SAR variant of the Model 204 for the US Navy with USN avionics and equipment. 27 built.Andrade 1987, p. 125] ;TH-1L:Helicopter flight trainer based on the HH-1K for the USN. ;UH-1L:Utility variant of the TH-1L.;UH-1M:Gunship specific UH-1C upgrade with Lycoming T-53-L-13 engine of 1,400 shp.;UH-1N:Initial Bell 212 production model, the Bell "Twin Pac" twin-engined Huey.;AH-1P:100 production aircraft with composite rotors, flat plate glass cockpit, and improved cockpit layout for nap-of-earth (NOE) flight. The AH-1P is also referred to as the "Production AH-1S", or "AH-1S(PROD)" prior to 1988.;UH-1P:UH-1F variant for USAF for special operations use and attack operations used solely by the USAF 20th Special Operations Squadron, "the Green Hornets".;YAH-1Q:Eight AH-1Gs with XM26 Telescopic Sight Unit (TSU) and two M56 TOW 4-pack launchers.;AH-1Q HueyCobra:Upgraded AH-1G equipped with the M65 TOW/Cobra missile subsystem, M65 Telescopic Sight Unit (TSU), and M73 Reflex sight.;YAH-1R:AH-1G powered by a T53-L-703 engine without TOW system.;AH-1RO Dracula:Proposed version for Romania.;YAH-1S:AH-1Q upgrade and TOW system.;AH-1S:AH-1Q upgraded with a 1,800 shp T53-L-703 turboshaft engine.;AH-1T Improved SeaCobra:Improved version with extended tailboom and fuselage and an upgraded transmission and engines.;UH-1U:Single prototype for Counter Mortar/Counter Battery Radar Jamming aircraft. Crashed at Edwards AFB during testing.Fact|date=October 2007;UH-1V:Aeromedical evacuation, rescue version for the US Army.;AH-1W SuperCobra:"Whiskey Cobra", day/night version with more powerful engines and advanced weapons capability.;EH-1X:Electronic warfare UH-1Hs converted by under "Quick Fix IIA".;UH-1Y:Upgraded variant developed from existing upgraded late model UH-1Ns, with additional emphasis on commonality with the AH-1Z.;AH-1Z Viper:"Zulu Cobra", in conjunction with the UH-1Y Venom upgrade. Version includes an upgraded 4 blade main rotor and adds the Night Targeting System (NTS).;AH-1Z King Cobra:AH-1Z offered under Turkey's ATAK program; selected for production in 2000, but later canceled when Bell and Turkey could not reach an agreement on production. [ [ "Back to square one in attack helicopter plan"] , Turkish Daily News, 2 December 2006.] ;UH-1/T700 Ultra Huey:Upgraded commercial version, fitted with a 1,400-kW (1900-shp) General Electric T700-GE-701C turboshaft engine.;CH-118 Iroquois:Canadian Forces designation for the UH-1 Iroquois;CH-135 Twin Huey:Canadian Forces designation for the UH-1N Twin Huey;CH-146 Griffon:Canadian Forces designation for the Bell 412

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