The Sonic Edge

The Sonic Edge

The Sonic Edge is an American music content developer. The company is known for bringing unique and poplular music genres to modern theatrical shows. The Sonic Edge is famous for creating and installing the first ever production soundtrack tailormade with live musicians and surround sound specific to the black and silver room at [ Casino Estoril] [] .

Company history

The company was founded by Dave Tessier in 2006. Soon after the creation of the company Tessier met composer Mike Meyer. Since their meeting, the two have worked on several national and international theatrical shows.

Past Projects

Luminaire is a cirque-style theatrical show. A fusion of many different art forms, Luminaire has shown at the Garden Arena, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City and the Isleta Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico. []
Circo Luci
Circo Luci is a European-style theatrical circus with a collection of unique characters, balancers, aerialists, manipulators and strength acts woven together to represent different incarnations of light. []
Dezire is a cirque-style theatrical show that indulges in the seduction of the senses. Dezire tells the story of a moment in the life of an average man magically transported to a world where his every Dezire is within reach.
Four: The Spirit of the Elements
Four: Spirit of the Elements, is a cirque-style theatrical production that is a physical interpretation of the elements, using the human body to illustrate the flight of air, the obsession of fire, the reflection of water and the strength of the earth. []
Visions: The Spirit of Dreams
Visons: The spirit of Dreams is a cirque-style theatrical production that presents a multidisciplinary approach, calling to the imagination and inviting the viewer to reflect on their own memories, emotions and desires. The show debuted as part of the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of Estoril-Sol. []


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* [ Kailin Yong Official Website]

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