Flex Linhas Aéreas

Flex Linhas Aéreas

airline=FLEX Linhas Aéreas
founded=1927, Porto Alegre, Brazil, as Viação Aérea Rio-Grandense S.A
headquarters= São Paulo, Brazil
key_people= Constantino Oliveira (CEO)
hubs=Salvador International Airport, Rio de Janeiro International Airport, Recife International Airport

website= http://www.voeflex.com.br|

Flex Airlines (Flex Linhas Aéreas SA) is a Brazilian airline, created from the remains of "old" Varig after the spin-off of the old airline's operating unit, which became VRG Linhas Aéreas.

Flex Airlines is a result of the recovery process by which the court handled the former Varig, which was split in two. VRG Airlines (the "new" Varig), now a wholly owned subsidiary of Gol Transportes Aéreos. [1] , which was the operating unit of the old airline, while Nordeste Linhas Aéreas, a former subsidiary of the "old" Varig, inherited the liabilities, debts and legal disputes of the former company. [2]

Flex is managed by a committee that represents the interests of 17 thousand former employees of the "old" Varig. The committee also consists of old creditors, such as Petrobras Distribuidora (BR), the aircraft lessors, the Brazilian Company of Airport Infrastructure (Infraero), and some Brazilian banks. The process of judicial recovery is a result of Law 11.101/05, also known as a New Bankruptcy Law, first applied to the process of the reorganization of Varig. [2] Index [hide]

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[edit] History

Main article: Varig

FLEX Linhas Aéreas SA is the new name of the former commercial airline Nordeste Linhas Aéreas, a former subsidiary of Varig, which officially relaunched operations in March 2008.

The company is in a recovery order in the 1st Vara Business of Rio de Janeiro. The records from the ANAC, ICAO and IATA are already confirmed. The first route linking the already authorized the Galeao International Airport (LGA) to Salvador (SSA) and Recife (REC). The fleet will be composed initially by a Boeing 737-300 model aircraft returned to the lessor by VRG Linhas Aéreas SA ("new" VARIG).

The new carrier's official colors are blue and yellow. The launch of the new brand was concluded on 23 October 2007 (Day of aviation) during the congress of the Riocentro ABAV. The inaugural flight, Rio-Salvador-Rio, is expected to occur on March 8, 2008. The administrative and operational headquarters of FLEX occupies an entire block (Block "C") of the former headquarters of Varig, next to the Santos Dumont.

FLEX also offers training in air transport through the Flex Aviation Center (FAC) whose schools are located in Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (installed in an area of 30 square meters near Rio de Janeiro International Airport) Commissioner and trains pilots, flight dispatchers operational (DOV), specialists in flight safety, on-site staff to airports and shops, handling of cargo, in addition to numerous other management courses specific to companies linked to the sector of aviation.

The company has experience in radio-communication services, and through the Flex Communication Center - FCC, which provides services to Aerodrome Flight Information Region (AFIS), and Service of Meteorology (MET) and AIS (Airport Information Service) on several airports in Brazil. With technical staff composed of some 40 specialized employees, the FCC serves, among others: TAM, GOL, Varig, VarigLog, come, FAB, OCEAN AIR, NHT, JAD, TASUL, HELISUL, BERTOL, Weiss and EMBRAER, in Caxias do Sul, Passo Fundo, St. Angelo (Rio Grande do Sul), Cavite (Santa Catarina), Calabar and Melton (Parana) and Rio de Janeiro.

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