Orbital riveting

Orbital riveting

Orbital Riveting is a cold-forming process used by riveting machines to automatically set (squeeze) rivets in order to join materials together.

Contrast with other methods

There are different types of riveting machines. Each type of machine has unique features and benefits. The orbital riveting process is different from impact riveting and spiralform riveting. Orbital riveting requires less downward force than impact or spiral riveting. Also, orbital riveting tooling typically lasts longer. Orbital riveting is often referred to as the [http://www.orbitform.com Orbitform] process.

Process Details

The orbital riveting process uses a forming tool mounted at a 3 or 6 degree angle. The forming tool contacts the material and then presses it while rotating until the final form is achieved. The final form often has height and/or diameter specifications.

Types of Riveting machines

Pneumatic Machines

Pneumatic orbital riveting machines typically provide downward force in the 1000 - 7500 lb range.

Hydraulic Machines

Hydraulic orbital riveting machines typically provide downward force in the 6000 - 50000 lb range.


Orbital riveting machines are used in a wide range of applications including brake linings for commercial vehicles, aircraft, and locomotives, textile and leather goods, metal brackets, window and door furniture, latches and even mobile phones. Many materials can be riveted together using orbital riveting machines including delicate and brittle materials, and sensitive electrical or electronic components.


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External Links

* [http://www.orbitform.com www.Orbitform.com] Orbitform Group
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