Difference between Discretization Errors and Quantization Errors

Difference between Discretization Errors and Quantization Errors

= Difference between Discretization Error and Quantization Errors =

Discretization Error
Real number has an important property called density property that says that between any two real number there is a another real number .and so on to infinityif a and b are two real number then there exist another real number c which is equal to (a+b)/2.and also there exist another real number d which equal to (a+c)/2and so on to infinity.this is in mathematics but in computation it is different we cannot say that there is a line we theoretically contains an infinite number of steps instead we have a something called grid or lattice or mesh .
Quantization Errors
It is errors arises due the limitation of floating point representation , it is two types truncation error and round off error.

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