White fleet

White fleet

White fleet refers to the non-combat specific vehicles of armed forces. It is used in the UK with reference to fleet management of the Ministry of Defence's vehicular assets.

Such vehicles include minibuses, touring recruitment vehicles, and staff cars for high ranking officers.

The UK MoD's white fleet ownership has been outsourced to [http://www.lexdefence.co.uk/ Lex Defence] .

The White Fleet, or Great White Fleet, is also a term that refers to the dispatch of US naval forces to the orient by the US President from December 16, 1907, to February 22, 1909 as a show of presidential authority. While the president held the authority to dispatch the fleet, only Congress had the authority to fund the journey. Congress refused to fund the journey, so the president dispatched the fleet without funding. Congress was left with the option to fund the return journey or strand the fleet at sea.

In the New Zealand Fire Service, the "white fleet" refers to the cars used by career (that is, full-time) executive officers, and support vehicles such as vans and utility vehicles. This comes from their white paint jobs, as contrasted with the "red fleet" of fire engines that carry out emergency response duties.

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