Lotus may refer to:

*"Nelumbo", plant genus of true Lotus flowers
*Lotus position, cross-legged sitting posture for meditation
* A European sports car

Horticulture and botany

*Lotus (plant), plants of various taxa
*Lotus (genus), comprising bird's-foot trefoils and deervetches
*"Ziziphus lotus", thorny shrub that may have been the "lotus tree" of Greek mythology
*Lotus effect, self-cleaning property of "Nelumbo" species
*"Nymphaea lotus", the Egyptian white water-lily or tiger lotus
*"Nymphaea zenkeri", the red tiger lotus
*"Nelumbo nucifera", blue lotus, Indian lotus, sacred lotus, bean of India, or sacred water-lily
*"Nelumbo lutea", American lotus
*"Nymphaea", the water-lily genus superficially similar to and often confused with "Nelumbo" lotus
*"Nymphaea alba", European white water-lily or white lotus
*"Nymphaea caerulea", Egyptian blue lily or sacred blue lily, also called the blue or sacred lotus
*"Saussurea laniceps", snow lotus

Asian culture

*Lotus kick, foot sweep in T'ai Chi Ch'uan
*Lotus seed, in Chinese medicine
*Lotus Sutra, of the Sublime Dharma
*Nelumbo nucifera, the blue lotus, the sacred lotus or the Indian lotus
*Padma (attribute), the sacred lotus
* Lotus feet, the practice of foot binding in pre-modern China
* Lotus, one of the Ashtamangala, or Eight Auspicious Symbols

Western culture

*Lotus (album), live album by the band Santana
*Lotus (board game), abstract strategy board game
*Lotus (band), Sixties pop band
*Lotus (guitar), former guitar manufacturer
*Lotus (song), song by R.E.M.
*The Blue Lotus", comic album part of the 1936 series "The Adventures of Tintin"
*Lotus, album by Italian singer Elisa
*Lotus, song by Minus the Bear
*Lotus, a jam band based in Philadelphia

Corporate and computing

*Lotus Software, previously Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts
*Lotus 1-2-3, spreadsheet program
*Lotus Cars, British sports and racing car manufacturer
*Lotus (computer games), a videogame series based on Lotus Cars
*Lotus Notes, enterprise-level electronic messaging
*Lotus Sametime, instant messaging program
*Team Lotus, Formula 1 constructor related to Lotus Cars
*Tesco Lotus, chain of Thai hypermarket stores
*IBM Lotus Connections, social networking program
*IBM Lotus Quickr, enterprise-level team collaboration

Other usage

*Lotus, Florida, area in Brevard County, USA
*S.S.S. Lotus, gaff-rigged schooner
*Lotus case, a precedent-setting case resulting from a collision between the "S.S. Lotus" and the "S.S. Boz-Kourt"
*Lotus tree of Greek mythology, into which Lotis was transformed, and which was eaten by the Lotophagi of Homer's "Odyssey"

ee also

* Black lotus

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