Exposure can refer to

In biology:
* A condition of very poor health or death resulting from lack of protection over prolonged periods under weather, extreme temperatures or dangerous substances ("see also: hypothermia, hyperthermia, radioactive contamination, radiation poisoning")
* Acute exposure, the exposure to a toxic substance during a short period of time
* Post-exposure prophylaxis, any treatment started immediately after exposure to a disease

In photography:
* Exposure (photography), the total amount of light allowed to fall on the sensor during the taking of a photograph
* Exposure value, a value given to all combinations of camera shutter speed and aperture that gives the same exposure
* Exposure latitude, the range of light intensities that a camera can capture
* Multiple exposure, an exposure in which the sensitivity to light is reduced and then increased at least once during the total exposure time

In law:
* Abandonment: leaving someone, such as an infant, especially in the open; also called "exposition"
* Indecent exposure, the display of unclothed parts of the human body that is against local custom and law

In music:
* Exposure (Robert Fripp album), a 1979 music album by Robert Fripp
* "Exposures - In Retrospect and Denial", a 2004 compilation album by Dark Tranquillity
* Jan Jelinek, a German electronic musician who also operates under the name of The Exposures

In entertainment:
* Exposure (magic), the practice of revealing the secrets of magic to non-magicians
* Exposure (TV series), a short film anthology series on Sci-Fi Channel from 2000–2002
* "Exposure", another name for the 1991 movie A Grande Arte starring Peter Coyote as a photographer
* "Exposure", a 2000 drama film by director David Blyth, starring Ron Silver
* "Exposure (The Unit)", an episode of the TV series The Unit

In finance:
* Market exposure, a measure of the proportion of money invested in the same industry sector
* Investment, a financial holding in a particular market sector

Exposure may also refer to:
* Publicity, an activity designed to rouse public interest
* Direct therapeutic exposure, a technique for the treatment of psychological disorders
* In climbing, the state of openness with relation to the distance of a fall ("see also: glossary of climbing terms")

ee also

* Expose
* Double exposure
* Exposure therapy, a treatment method for anxiety disorders
* Mere exposure effect, a psychological artifact
* Indecent exposure, public nudity

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