Paris-based Journalism School and Training center

Paris-based Journalism School and Training center

Centre de Formation des Journalistes

The CFJ was founded in 1946 by two French Resistance leaders, Philippe Viannay and Jacques Richet. Initially the centre focused on training students for a career in the different fields of journalism. Over the years it has branched out into further education and professional training for working journalists. Together with the CPJ (Centre de Perfectionnement des Journalistes) and the CIM (Centre d'Information sur les medias), the CFJ was part of the CFPJ group (Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Journalistes)which was set up in 1972.

After various ups and downs the group was taken over in July 2003 by the EFE group (Edition, Formation,Entreprise)a market leader in continuing education, management training and communication techniques.

Journalism Training

During the two-year course at the CFJ, the students have hands-on training in basic writing skills, agency work, television, radio, multi-media, sub-editing and camera work. As part of their course they are offered several internships in the regional press and national media companies, depending on their chosen specialization area.The school has always aimed to anticipate and adapt to the new media technology. In 1984 the CFJ launched thefirst training course for TV journalist/cameramen (JRI)and in 2000, the first web multimedia journalism course.

Registration fees are currently 3,500 euros for the first year and 3,000 per annum for the second.

Julien Prunet Scholarship

In 2003 the CFJ and the Former Students' Association set up the Julien Prunet scholarship (named after a former CFJ student who died in 2002). This grant enables students with an atypical profile to enrol at the school without having to sit the competitive exam. Several blind students have thus been able to follow the courses.

Former Students

Since 1946 more than 2000 journalists have graduated from the school on the rue du Louvre. Thirteen of them have received the Albert Londres prize, which is awarded every year to the top print journalist and since 1985, to the best broadcast journalist.Best print journalist :

1954 : Armand Gatti (promotion 1946-1949)" Special correspondent in the lions' den"1979 : Hervé Chabalier (promotion 1969) - Le Matin de Paris1981 : Bernard Guetta (promotion 1971bis) - Le Monde1993 : Philippe Broussard (promotion 1985) - Le Monde1995 : Bureau AFP à Moscou avec Stéphane Orjollet (promotion 1989)1998 : Luc Le Vaillant (promotion 1984)- Libération2004 : Christophe Ayad (promotion 1990) - Libération2005 : Natalie Nougayrède (promotion 1990) - Le Monde2008 : Benjamin Barthe (promotion 1996) - Le Monde

Best broadcast journalist / TV documentary maker

1990 : Gilles de Maistre (promotion 1985) - "I'm 12 years old and I'm a soldier"1997 : Claude Sempere (promotion 1989) correspondent in Corsica for France 22002 : Thierry de Lestrade (promotion 1987) et Jean-Xavier de Lestrade (87): "La Justice des Hommes (Maha productions)2006 : Manon Loizeau et Alexis Marant (promotion 1993): " The Curse of being born a girl"

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