List of Nature Conservation Act endangered fauna of Queensland

List of Nature Conservation Act endangered fauna of Queensland

This is a list of animals listed as endangered under the terms of Queensland's Nature Conservation Act 1992.


* "Argyreus hyperbius inconstans" (Australian fritillary butterfly)
* "Hypochrysops piceatus piceatus" (Jewel butterfly)


* "Carcharias taurus" (Grey nurse shark)
* "Chlamydogobius" sp. A (Elizabeth Springs goby)
* "Chlamydogobius" sp. B (Edgbaston goby)
* "Scaturiginichthys vermeilipinnis" (Red-finned blue-eye)


* "Litoria lorica" (Armoured mistfrog)
* "Litoria nannotis" (Waterfall frog)
* "Litoria nyakalensis" (Mountain mistfrog)
* "Litoria pearsoniana" (Cascade tree frog)
* "Litoria rheocola" (Common mistfrog)
* "Mixophyes fleayi" (Fleay's barred-frog)
* "Mixophyes iterates" (Giant barred frog)
* "Nyctimystes dayi" (Australian lace-lid)
* "Rheobatrachus silus" (Southern gastric brooding frog)
* "Rheobatrachus vitellinus" (Northern gastric brooding frog)
* "Taudactylus acutirostris" (Sharp-snouted dayfrog)
* "Taudactylus diurnus" (Southern dayfrog)
* "Taudactylus eungellensis" (Eungella dayfrog)
* "Taudactylus pleione" (Kroombit tinkerfrog)
* "Taudactylus rheophilus" (Northern tinkerfrog)


* "Lerista allanae" (Allan's skink)
* "Hemiaspis damelii" (Grey snake)
* "Dermochelys coriacea" (Leathery turtle)
* "Caretta caretta" (Loggerhead turtle)
* "Anomalopus mackayi" (Long-legged worm skink)
* "Elusor macrurus" (Mary River turtle)
* "Lepidochelys olivacea" (Olive ridley)
* "Tympanocryptis pinguicolla" (South-eastern lined earless dragon)


* "Casuarius casuarius" (Southern cassowary) — southern population
* "Cyclopsitta diophthalma coxeni" (Double-eyed fig-parrot)
* "Dasyornis brachypterus" (Eastern bristlebird)
* "Epthianura crocea macgregori" (Yellow chat)
* "Erythrotriorchis radiatus" (Red goshawk)
* "Erythrura gouldiae" (Gouldian finch)
* "Lathamus discolor" (Swift parrot)
* "Macronectes giganteus" (Southern giant petrel)
* "Neochmia ruficauda ruficauda" (Star finch, eastern subspecies)
* "Pezoporus occidentalis" (Night parrot)
* "Psephotus chrysopterygius" (Golden-shouldered parrot)
* "Pterodroma arminjoniana" (Herald petrel)
* "Sterna albifrons" (Little tern)
* "Xanthomyza phrygia" (Regent honeyeater)


* "Bettongia tropica" (Northern bettong)
* "Dasyurus maculatus gracilis" (Spotted-tailed quoll, northern subspecies)
* "Hipposideros semoni" (Semon's leaf-nosed bat)
* "Lasiorhinus krefftii" (Northern hairy-nosed wombat)
* "Macrotis lagotis" (Bilby)
* "Melomys rubicola" (Bramble Cay melomys)
* "Notomys fuscus" (Dusky hopping-mouse)
* "Onychogalea fraenata" (Bridled nailtail wallaby)
* "Petaurus gracilis" (Mahogany glider)
* "Petrogale persephone" (Proserpine rock-wallaby)
* "Petrogale sharmani" (Sharman's rock-wallaby)
* "Pseudomys australis" (Plains rat)
* "Rhinolophus philippinensis" (Greater large-eared horseshoe bat)
* "Saccolaimus saccolaimus nudicluniatus" (Bare-rumped sheathtail bat)
* "Sminthopsis douglasi" (Julia Creek dunnart)
* "Taphozous troughtoni" (Troughton’s sheathtail bat)



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