Eastern may refer to:

* The Eastern world ("i.e.", Asia)
** Eastern philosophy
** Eastern religion

* Eastern Time Zone
* Eastern Air Lines, a defunct American airline
* Eastern AA, a football team in Hong Kong
* Eastern bloc, during the Cold War
* Eastern Districts in several different countries
* The Eastern Orthodox Church

In geography:
* Eastern Ghats, a mountain range in South East India

One of several universities:
** Eastern Connecticut State University, a university in the United States
** Eastern Kentucky University, a university in Richmond, Kentucky
** Eastern Michigan University, a university in Ypsilanti, Michigan
** Eastern University, a Christian university in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania

* "Ostern", literally translated from German as "Eastern". Ostern is also German for Easter.
* The "Ostern", or "Red Western", literally translated from the German as "Eastern".

See also

* East
* Western (disambiguation)
* Orient
* Occident
* Oster

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