Walking on Air

Walking on Air

Infobox Single |
Name = Walking On Air
Artist = Kerli
from Album = Love Is Dead

Released = April, 2008 (U.S.)
Format = CD Single, Digital Download
Label = Universal Oy
Recorded = 2007
Writer = Kerli
Lester Mendez
Producer = Lester Mendez
Genre = Pop, Alternative
Length = 4:29
Misc = Extra chronology
Artist = Kerli
Type = singles
Last single = "Love is Dead"
This single = "Walking On Air"
Next single = "TBA"

Walking On Air is the second single from the debut album Love Is Dead of the Estonian singer Kerli. Unlike "Love is Dead" Walking on air managed to chart.


Music Video

The video starts with a toymaker dropping off an unknown gift at what appears to be a castle. A little girl (Kerli Koiv) opens up the box and finds a mysterious doll. The scene then shifts to Kerli dancing under a fan and lotuses (flowers that grow in the mud) growing from the fireplace. Later in the video, she's laying on a bed of round stones with her tears flowing up and into the air (while shes singing), only for them to fall in between stones and transform into butterflies. Then she's in her "magical kitchen" where the stove is the freezer, and the refrigerator is the oven, and the wall is an Estonian forest. After singing for a little while, the scene shifts to a dark hallway where a woman (the doll from the beginning) is holding a Kerli doll, and the woman is making Kerli sing while she carries her (still in doll form). In the final scenes, Kerli wakes up in a bed, stretching, to find cut strings attatched to her wrist and the scene backs out of the room which just so happens to be in the box (from the beginning). The woman (that was the doll at first) is holding this box while rocking back and forth slowly in a rocking chair. Overall, the video portrays that we (humans) can't control everything because in the end, we were being controlled the entire time.

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