External iliac artery

External iliac artery

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Latin = arteria iliaca externa
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Caption = Bifurcation of the aorta and the right iliac arteries - side view. (External iliac artery is artery at upper left, seen splitting from common iliac artery at top.)

Caption2 = The relations of the femoral and abdominal inguinal rings, seen from within the abdomen. Right side. (External iliac artery is large artery at center, and inguinal ligament runs from upper right to lower left. When the artery crosses the ligament, it becomes the femoral artery.)
BranchFrom = common iliac arteries
BranchTo = femoral arteries, inferior epigastric arteries
Vein = external iliac veins
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DorlandsPre = a_61
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The external iliac artery is a large artery in the pelvic region that carries blood to the lower limb.

The external iliac artery is a paired artery, meaning there is one on each side of the body: a "right external iliac artery" and "left external iliac artery".

The external iliac artery is accompanied by the external iliac vein, which is located posterior to the artery.


The external iliac artery arises from the bifurcation of the common iliac artery. It travels inferiorly, anteriorly, and laterally, making its ways to the lower limb:



ee also

* Internal iliac artery
* Common iliac artery

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