Rami Weisfisch

Rami Weisfisch

Rami Weisfisch (born November 4th, 1946) is an Israeli metal trader. He is President of the Minor Metals Inc., a US company. Formerly he was president of Metal Resources Group (MRG), a Bahamian company.

Cobalt trading success

Weisfisch and MRG became a dominant force in the global cobalt market in 1999, when he successfully accumulated an exceptionally large position whilst the market was trading at around $6 per pound. Subsequently, MRG was believed to have acquired 30% of the 30,000-tonne annual supply for the year, whilst prices trebled to $18 per pound [Citation
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Zambian cobalt scandal

The contract for the sale of 1900 tonnes of cobalt to MRG by the state-owned Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines for the period 1998-1999 was the subject of a parliamentary enquiry. [Citation
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] Although it was alleged that the deal was "imprudent and irregular", costing the African nation $60m in lost sales, no evidence of any impropriety on MRG's part was ever disclosed.

Legal battle with brother

In 2006 Weisfisch was engaged in a court fight in England with his brother, Amir Weissfisch (who spells his name differently). [Citation
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] Amir claims that Rami reneged on an agreement to dissolve MRG, and is suing for $88m.

Emerald Bay controversy

Weisfisch is reportedly bidding to buy the [http://www.emeraldbayresort.com Emerald Bay resort] on Exuma. Local Bahamians feel he is an unsuitable foreign investor with no prior experience in running a resort. [cite web
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] [Citation
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Weisfisch was involved with his son, Ryan (President of [http://www.maxwelle.com/ Maxwelle Real Estate Group] [cite web
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] ), in a real estate negotiation in 2002 between Jorge M. Perez and Nancy Graham, whose business dealings during her presidency of Center City Development Corp. were subsequently the [http://www.voiceofsandiego.org/voice_special_reports/ccdc/ subject of investigation] over potential undisclosed conflicts-of-interest [cite web
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Personal life

Weisfisch was born in Israel in 1946. He owns a substantial home in West Palm Beach, Miami [cite press release
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] [Citation
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] which was valued at $19,457,979.00 in 2005 when it was mortgaged to a swiss company [Citation
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] . Weisfisch currently resides in The Bahamas. He is married with 4 children.


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