2007 USS Harry S. Truman E2C crash

2007 USS Harry S. Truman E2C crash

Infobox Aircraft crash
date = August 15, 2007

caption = Cameron Hall (left), Ryan Betton (center), and Jerry Smith (right), the crew of the mishap aircraft
type =
site = Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of North Carolina
crew = 3
survivors = 0
aircraft_type = E-2 Hawkeye
aircraft_name = Aircraft 620
operator = United States Navy
tail_number =

At 11:10 p.m. on August 15, 2007, an E-2 Hawkeye crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Carolina 10 seconds after taking off from the aircraft carrier USS "Harry S. Truman". All three crewmen on the aircraft were killed.

The aircraft, designated Aircraft 620, was crewed by Lieutenant Ryan Betton, 31, instructor pilot and aircraft commander, Lieutenant Cameron Hall, 30, combat information control officer, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Jerry Smith, 25, copilot. Smith was making his first night catapult takeoff from a carrier. The aircraft and crew were from VAW-120 squadron.

A Navy Judge Advocate General investigative report into the crash, released on August 25, 2008 reported that the aircraft, crewed by Betton and Hall, had experienced a problem with its angle-of-attack indicator the previous day. The third person aboard that flight, name unknown, told investigators the indicator erroneously read too high while the plane was on a two-mile straight-in approach for landing. Maintenance personnel gave a different account, telling investigators they thought the problem occurred during the catapult launch. Maintenance was unable to duplicate the problem with the indicator and asked the crew to conduct further evaluation on the next flight. No known records were kept at the time of the maintenance discussions.

After launching at 11:10 p.m. on August 15, the aircraft ascended for five seconds, then descended and crashed into the ocean. The crew's three flight helmets were recovered, but no bodies or remains have been found.


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