Richard Marx songwriting and production discography

Richard Marx songwriting and production discography

This is a list that consists of Richard Marx's collaborative work as a producer and songwriter for various artists.


Kenny Rogers - What About Me
*What About Me (With Kim Carnes & James Ingram) (Co-Writer)
*Somebody Took My Love (Co-Writer)
*Crazy (Co-Writer)
Fee Waybill - Read My Lips
*Who Loves You Baby (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)


St. Elmo's Fire soundtrack
*Vikki Moss - If I Turn You Away (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)


David Foster - David Foster
*The Best Of Me (Co-Writer)


Richard Marx - Richard Marx
*Should've Known Better, Don't Mean Nothing, Endless Summer Nights, Lonely Heart, Hold On To The Nights, Have Mercy, Remember Manhattan, The Flame Of Love, Rhythm Of Life, Heaven Only Knows


Vixen - Vixen
*Edge Of A Broken Heart (Co-Writer/Producer)

Tequila Sunrise soundtrack
*Ann Wilson (of Heart) & Robin Zander (Of Cheap Trick) - Surrender To Me (Co-Writer)


Richard Marx - Repeat Offender
*Nothing You Can Do About It, Satisfied, Angelia, Too Late To Say Goodbye, Right Here Waiting, Heart On The Line, Real World, If You Don't Want My Love, That Was Lulu, Wait For The Sunrise, Children Of The Night

Cliff Richard - Stronger
*The Best Of Me (Co-Writer)

Now That's What I Call Music 16 (U.K. series)
*Right Here Waiting (Writer/Co-Producer)


John Farnham - Chain Reaction
*Chains Around The Heart (Co-Writer)


Richard Marx - Rush Street
*Playing With Fire, Love Unemotional, Keep Coming Back, Take This Heart, Hazard, Hands In Your Pocket, Calling You, Susperstar, Streets Of Pain, I Get No Sleep, Big Boy Now, Chains Around My Heart, Your World


Now That's What I Call Music! 22 (U.S. series)
*Richard Marx - Hazard

Now That's What I Call Music! 23 (U.S. series)
*Richard Marx - Take This Heart


Richard Marx -
*Take This Heart, Hazard, Chains Around My Heart, Calling You, Children Of The Night, Hold On To The Nights, Don't Mean Nothing, Endless Summer Nights, Keep Coming Back, Satisfied, Angelia, Right Here Waiting, Too Late To Say Goodbye, Should've Known Better

Richard Marx - Paid Vacation
*The Way She Loves Me, One More Try, Silent Scream, Nothing To Hide, Soul Motion, Now And Forever, Goodbye Hollywood, Heaven's Waiting, Nothing Left Behind Us, What You Want, One Man, Baby Blues

John Farnham - Then Again
*The Reason Why (Co-Writer)
*Treated This Way (Co-Writer)
*Talent For Fame (Co-Writer)
*So Long In Love (Co-Writer)


Lara Fabian - Carpe Diem
*Je Vivrai (Co-Writer)
*Au Loin La-Bas (Co-Writer)

Now That's What I Call Music! 27 (U.S. series)
*Richard Marx - Now And Forever


Luther Vandross - This Is Christmas
*Every Year, Every Christmas (Co-Writer)


Bruce Gaitsch - A Lyre In A Windstorm
*Haunt Me Tonight (Co-Writer)

Amy Sky - Cool Rain
*Til Tomorrow (Co-Writer/Producer)

The Tubes - Genius of America
*How Can You Live With Yourself (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*Big Brother's Still Watching (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Roch Voisine - Kissing Rain
*Chaque Jour De Ta Vie (Duet with Richard Marx) (Writer/Producer)
*All I Know/Docemont (Co-Writer)

For Our Children, Too compilation
*Richard Marx - Angel's Lullaby (Writer)

One Voice: The Songs Of Chage & Aska
*Richard Marx - Heart Of My Own (Adaptation/Producer)

The Mirror Has Two Faces soundtrack
*Richard Marx - The Power Inside Of Me (Co-Writer/Producer)


Richard Marx - Flesh And Bone
*Fool's Game, You Never Take Me Dancing, Touch Of Heaven, What's The Story, Can't Lie To My Heart, Until I Find You Again, My Confession, Eternity, What's Wrong With That, The Image, Breathless, Miracle

Richard Marx - Greatest Hits
*Dont Mean Nothing, Endless Summer Nights, Now And Forever, Should've Known Better, Angelia, Hold On To The Nights, Angel's Lullaby, Take This Heart, Satisfied, Until I Find You Again, Hazard, The Way She Loves Me, Keep Coming Back, Children Of The Night, Touch Of Heaven, Right Here Waiting

Bruce Gaitsch - Asphasia
*If I Could Only - (Co-Writer)

Fee Waybill - Don't Be Scared By These Hands
*I Know You (Co-Producer)
*Tall Dark And Harmless (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*Shut Up And Love Me (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*The Swing Of Things (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*Fools Cry (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*Surprise Yourself (Co-Producer)
*I've Seen This Movie Before (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*Dying Of Delight (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*What's Wrong With That (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*Somewhere Deep Inside (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)


Sarah Brightman - Eden
*The Last Words You Said (Co-Writer/Producer)

Luther Vandross - I Know
*Isn't There Someone (Co-Writer)

Body Talk: Great Love Songs 1965-1995: Disc 1
*Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting (Writer/Co-Producer)


Shane Minor - Shane Minor
*Easy To Believe (Co-Writer)

Monica - The Boy Is Mine
*Right Here Waiting (With 112) (Writer)

SheDaisy - The Whole SheBang
*Still Holding Out For You (Co-Writer)

Barbra Streisand - A Love Like Ours
*If You Ever Leave Me (Duet with Vince Gill) (Writer/Co-Producer)


Richard Marx - The Best Of Richard Marx
*Angelia, Hazard, Right Here Waiting, Hold On To The Nights, Satisfied, Keep Coming back, Endless Summer Nights, Now And Forever, Should've Known better, Take This Heart

Richard Marx - Days In Avalon
*Days In Avalon, Shine, Someone Special, Almost Everything, The Edge Of Forever (Duet with Chely Wright), Power Of You And Me, One More Time, Waiting On Your Love, More Than a Mystery, Boy Next Door, Too Early To Be Over, Straight From My Heart

98 Degrees - Revelation
*The Only Thing That Matters (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Natalie Cole - Greatest Hits-Volume 1
*Angel On My Shoulder (Co-Writer/Producer)

Countdown - Who Let The Boys Out
*This I Promise You (Writer)

H.O.T - 99 Live In Seoul
*Right Here Waiting (Writer)

N Sync - No Strings Attached
*This I Promise You (Writer/Producer)
*Yo Te Voy A Amar (Writer/Producer)

Kenny Rogers - There You Go Again
*Crazy Me (Co-Writer/Producer)
*I Do It For Your Love (Co-Writer/Producer)

SheDaisy - Brand New Year
*Brand New Year (Co-Writer)


Natalie Cole - Love Songs
*Angel On My Shoulder (Co-Writer/Producer)

Josh Groban - Josh Groban
*To Where You Are (Co-Writer/Producer)

Cliff Richard - Wanted
*Right Here Waiting (Writer)

The Tubes - Extended Versions
*Loveline (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)


Michael Bolton - Only A Woman Like You
*Slowly (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*I Surrender (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*Eternally (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Chris Botti - December
*Perfect Day (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Co-Producer)

Emerson Drive - Emerson Drive
*Fall Into Me (Producer)
*Only God (Co-Producer)
*How Lucky I Am (Producer)

Marie Sisters - Marie Sisters
*I Will Hold On (Co-Writer/Producer/Strings)
*If I Fall In Love Tonight (Co-Writer/Producer)

Olivia Newton-John - (2)
*Never Far Away (Duet with Richard Marx) (Writer/Co-Producer)

SheDaisy - Knock On The Sky
*All Over You (Co-Writer)

Barbra Streisand - Duets
*I Won't Be The One To Let Go (Duet with Barry Manilow) (Co-Writer/Producer)
*If You Ever Leave Me (Duet with Vince Gill (Writer/Co-Producer)

Bonnie Tyler - Heart Strings
*Right Here Waiting (Writer)

John Tesh - The Power Of Love
*This I Promise You (Writer)


Chicago - The Box
*Good For Nothing (Co-Writer)

Billy Ray Cyrus - The Other Side
*Holding On To A Dream (Co-Writer)

Vince Gill - Next Big Thing
*Someday (Co-Writer/Producer)

Kenny Loggins - It's About Time
*With This Ring (Co-Writer)
*I Miss Us (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)
*The One That Got Away (Co-Writer)
*The Undeniable Groove (Co-Writer)

Sister Hazel - Chasing Daylight
*Life Got In The Way (Co-Writer)

Kristy Starling - Kristy Starling
*To Where You Are (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father
*Dance With My Father (Co-Writer)

Smooth Sax Tribute To Luther Vandross
*Dance With My Father (Co-Writer)


Richard Marx - My Own Best Enemy
*Nothing Left To Say, When You're Gone, One Thing Left, Love Goes On, Ready To Fly, Again, Colder, Everything Good, The Other Side, Someone Special, Suspicion, Falling

Kellie Coffey - A Little More Me
*Dance With My Father (Co-Writer)

Emerson Drive - What If
*Last One Standing (Co-Writer/Producer)
*Lemonade (Producer)
*If You Were My Girl (Co-Writer/Producer)
*What If (Producer)
*I'll Die Trying (Producer)
*November (Producer)
*Fishin' In The Dark (Producer)
*You're Like Coming Home (Producer)
*Take It From Me (Producer)
*Waiting On Me (Producer)
*Running Back To You (Writer/Producer)
*Simple Miracles (Co-Writer/Producer)
*Still Got Yesterday (Producer)
*Rescued (Producer)

William Hung -
*Right Here Waiting (Writer)

Kimberly Locke - One Love
*Without You (Co-Writer)

Donny Osmond - What I Meant To Say
*Right Here Waiting (Writer)

Kenny Rogers - 42 Ultimate Hits
*Crazy (Co-Writer)

Sissel - My Heart
*Someone Like You (Co-Writer/Producer)
*Beyond Imagination (Co-Writer/Producer)

Keith Urban - Be Here
*Better Life (Co-Writer)

Sounds Of The Seasons
*Richard Marx - Santa Claus Is Back In Town (Producer)

Ultimate '80's
*Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting (Writer/Co-Producer)


N Sync - Greatest Hits
*This I Promise You (Writer/Producer)

Matt Tyler - Love Songs
*Right Here Waiting (Writer)

Ronan Tynan - Ronan
*Ready To Fly (Writer)

*LeAnn Rimes - Remember When(Writer/Producer)

*Buddy Jewel - Dance With My Father (Co-Writer)

*Celine Dion - Dance With My Father (Co-Writer)


Clay Aiken - A Thousand Different Ways
*Right Here Waiting (Writer)

Julio Iglesias - Romantic Classics
*Right Here Waiting (Writer)

Ronan Keating - Bring You Home
*Just When I'd Give Up Dreaming (Co-Writer)

Sister Hazel - Absolutely
*Meet Me In The Memory (Co-Writer/Producer)

Keith Urban - Love, Pain, And The Whole Crazy Thing
*Everybody (Co-Writer)

Luther Vandross - The Ultimate Luther Vandross
*Dance With My Father (Co-Writer)

Country Dance Kings - A Tribute To Keith Urban
*Better Life (Co-Writer)


Graham Colton - Here Right Now
*Take You Back (Co-Writer)

Kipper - This Is Different
*When You Come Around (Co-Writer)

Kenny Loggins - How About Now
*I'll Remember Your Name (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)

Cliff Richard - Love... The Album
*The Best Of Me (Co-Writer)

Travis Tritt - The Storm
*Mudcat Moan (Prelude)/You Never Take Me Dancing (Writer)

Keith Urban -
*Better Life (Co-Writer)
*Everybody (Co-Writer)

Casey Kasem Presents The Long Distance Dedications
*Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting (Writer/Co-Producer)

New Music From An Old Friend
*Richard Marx - Your Goodbye (Writer/Co-Producer)
*Richard Marx - Hold On To The Nights (Writer/Co-Producer)
*Kenny Loggins - I'll Remember Your Name (Co-Writer/Co-Producer)


Richard Marx & Matt Scannell - Duo
*Always On Your Mind, Sunshine, Endless Summer Nights, We Are, Hazard, Give You Back,

Love Goes On, Echo, Your World, Everything You Want

Hawk Nelson - Hawk Nelson Is My Friend
*One Little Miracle (Co-Writer)

Alexander O'Neal - Alex Loves
*Right Here Waiting (Writer)

Sister Hazel - Before The Amplifiers, Live Acoustic
*World Inside My Head (Co-Writer)

Now That's What I Call Country!
*Keith Urban - Everybody (Co-Writer)

Now That's What I Call Music 27
*Keith Urban - Everybody (Co-Writer)

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