Lithium sulfur battery

Lithium sulfur battery


caption=lithium sulfur battery
NomV=often packaged for 3 Volts, cell voltage in range 2.5-1.7.
EtoW=350 Wh/kg [Sion Power, Inc. (28 September 2005) [ Lithium Sulfur Rechargeable Battery Data Sheet] ""]
EtoS=350 Wh/l
CtoDE= C/5 nominal; up to 2C

The lithium sulfur battery (Li-S battery) is a rechargeable galvanic cell with a high energy density. [Moore, Wm. (11 December 2004) [ "Sion Introduces a Lithium Sulfur Rechargeable Battery"] "EV World"] The chemical reactions are analogous to those in those in the sodium-sulfur battery.Fact|date=September 2008 By virtue of the low atomic weight of lithium, Li-S batteries are light-weight. They have been demonstrated on solar powered airplanes. [Amos, J. (24 August 2008) [ "Solar plane makes record flight"] "BBC News"]


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* Tudron, F.B., Akridge, J.R., and Puglisi, V.J. (2004) [ "Lithium-Sulfur Rechargeable Batteries: Characteristics, State of Development, and Applicability to Powering Portable Electronics"]
* Akridge, J.R. (October 2001) [ "Lithium Sulfur Rechargeable Battery Safety"] "Battery Power Products & Technology"

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