List of Mayotte-related topics

List of Mayotte-related topics

This is a partial list of topics related to Mayotte.



* Islands of Mayotte
* Pamanzi (second-largest island of Mayotte)



* Elections in Mayotte
** Mahoran legislative election, 2004
** Mahoran legislative election, 2008
** Mahoran status referendum, 2009
* Postage stamps and postal history of Mayotte

Government and politics

* Elections in Mayotte
* General Council of Mayotte

Administrative divisions

* Acoua
* Bandraboua
* Bandrélé
* Bouéni
* Chiconi
* Chirongui
* Dembeni
* Dzaoudzi
* Kani-Kéli
* Koungou
* Mamoudzou
* Mtsamboro
* M'Tsangamouji
* Ouangani
* Pamandzi
* Sada, Mayotte
* Tsingoni

Foreign relations

Political parties

* Force of the Rally and the Alliance for Democracy
* Mahoran Departmentalist Movement
* Mahoré People's Movement


* Saïd Omar Oili


* Communications in Mayotte
* Euro (official currency)
* .yt (Internet country code top-level domain)



* Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport



* French language
* Shimaore language


* Islam in Mayotte




National symbols

* Coat of arms of Mayotte
* Flag of Mayotte


* Complexe de Kawani
* Mayotte national rugby union team


* Coupe de Mayotte
* FC Mtsapéré
* Mayotte Division Honneur
* Mayotte national football team



* Boophis
* Mayotte Drongo
* Pasteur's day gecko
* Robert Mertens' day gecko

See also

* Lists of country-related topics

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