Eou yadam

Eou yadam

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Eou yadam (IPA2|ʌu yatam, Eou's Unofficial Histories) is a collection of stories by Yu Mong-in (유몽인, 1559-1623), a scholar, official and writer of the mid period of Joseon Dynasty of Korea (1392-1910). [cite web|url=http://www.aks.ac.kr/glossary/glossary_detail.asp?g_code=4417&page=1&c_code=&search_field=all&keyword=Eou+yadam&order=g_korean&kanada= |title=어우야담(於于野談), Eou yadam |publisher=The Academy of Korean Studies |language=Korean / English |accessdate=2008-08-23] The title is comprised of his pen name, "Eou", and "yadm" which means "unofficial histories" or "miscellaneous tales" in Korean. [cite web|url=http://books.google.com/books?id=yCDZtFu_1UIC&pg=RA1-PA186&dq=ouyadam&lr=&num=20&ei=ynOwSL6ZOoy4yASx4-mbAw&client=firefox-a&sig=ACfU3U2d-hbyqdO7x1ghxIekHDX0TiVERA |title=Korea in the Middle |publisher=CNWS Publications |author=Boudewijn Walraven |coauthor=Remco E. Breuker |language=English |date=2007 |accessdate=2008-08-23 |page=p.186 |isbn=9057891530] It remains five volumes in one book although "Eou yadam" originally consisted of 10 volumes. It is regarded the beginning of "yadam" which thrived in the late Joseon period and reflects the society. The lucid, and succinct literary style of Yu Mong-in also makes the book earn a praise as an innovative work of the time. The manuscripts are stored at National Library of Korea and Kyujanggak, Seoul, South Korea.cite web|url=http://100.empas.com/dicsearch/pentry.html?s=K&i=264830&v=46 |title=어우야담 (於于野譚) |publisher=Empas/ EncyKorea |language=Korean |accessdate=2008-08-23]

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