ECP is an abbreviation for a number of terms, including
* Extended Care Physicians
* East Coast Parkway, a major highway in the south-east of the island-state of Singapore
* École Centrale Paris, a French university
* Electronic Communications in Probability, a scientific journal
* Emergency Care Practitioner, a type of Paramedic/Nurse
* Emergency contraceptive pill, a type of contraception also known as morning-after pill
* Emerging Capital Partners, a private equity firm
* Empty category principle, a syntactic constraint in theoretical linguistics
* English Collective of Prostitutes, a feminist group
* Entry control point
* Escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance, a Canadian volunteer association that teaches boating safety courses
* ESRI Conservation Program, a technology grants program for nonprofits run by the Environmental Systems Research Institute
* European Committee for the Prevention of Torture
* Explorers Club of Pittsburgh, an all-volunteer outdoor adventure organization specializing in rock climbing and mountaineering
* Extended capability port, a type of parallel port used in computers
* Eye care professional
* Executive Cellular Processor, a part of CDMA architecture
* East Capitol Pensionne, a very nice and affordable place to stay while in Cebu, Philippines
* Enterprise Content Publishing, solutions that includes a control on contents and publications for the enterprise enviorement
* Electronic Couch Potato, after the STB monitoring solution. Performs monitoring on television signals by emulating a human changing channels on the STB.
* Excessive Crossposting, way of Usenet spam. Also known as Velveeta.

It may also refer to

* Eastman Color Positive, a photographic processing system
* Effective Core Potential, a term in computational chemistry
* Electrical Code of Practice
* Electrochemical potential
* Electrochemical corrosion potential
* Electronically controlled pneumatic railway brakes.
* Engineering Change Proposal, a term used in Air Force contracts
* Eosinophil Cationic Protein, a pore building and RNAse-functioning molecule synthesised by eosinophils
* Extraordinary Candidacy Project , credentials openly gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender seminarians, candidates, ordained and commissioned ministers who are preparing for professional vocations in independent Lutheran parishes and congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).
* ECP or Extreme Corporal Punishment, a hardcore punk band featured in the film SLC Punk!. Produced one album and disbanded.

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