Angar the Screamer

Angar the Screamer


caption="Daredevil" #101 (July 1973). Pencils by Rich Buckler.
character_name=Angar the Screamer
real_name=David Alan Angar
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Daredevil" #100 (June 1973)
creators=Steve Gerber
Gene Colan
John Tartaglione
Madame McEvil's Terrible Trio
partners=Screaming Mimi
aliases=Scream, Voice, Master of the Mindstorm
powers= (As Angar the Screamer):
Ability to induce hallucinations with voice,
Superhuman screams
(As Scream):
Being of pure sound,
Sound manipulation|

Angar the Screamer (David Alan Angar), also known as Scream, is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics supervillain

Publication history

Angar first appeared in "Daredevil" v1, #100 (June 1973), and was created by Steve Gerber, Gene Colan, and John Tartaglione. Angar also appeared in issues #101 (July 1973), and #105-107 (November 1973-January 1974) of "Daredevil".

The character subsequently appeared in "Marvel Premiere" #25 (October 1975), "Iron Fist" v1, #1-2 (February-March 1976), 5-7 (June-September 1976), "Spider-Woman" v1, #34-35 (January-February 1981), 50 (June 1983), "Avengers Spotlight" #26 (December 1989), 28-29 (January-February 1990), "Marvel Comics Presents" #97 (1992), "Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD" v2, #33-35 (March-May 1992), "Captain America" v1, #411-414 (January-April 1993), and "Avengers Unplugged" #4 (April 1996). Angar was killed in "Thunderbolts Annual '97".

Angar returned a few years later, as an energy being named Scream, and appeaed in "Thunderbolts" #49-56 (April-November 2001), and 58-59 (January-February 2002)

Angar the Screamer received an entry in the "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition" #1.

Fictional character biography

David Angar was born in San Francisco, California. He became a hippie and a radical social activist, who volunteered for an experiment that would give him superhuman powers. Moondragon provided a crooked lawyer named Kerwin J. Broderick with a machine built on Titan. The machine subjected Angar's vocal cords to a bombardment with "hypersound". As a result, Angar could scream very loudly and cause people to hallucinate. Moondragon intended for Angar to be an ally against the mad Titan Thanos, but Broderick hired Angar as an assassin. In his first appearance, Angar tried to kill Daredevil and Black Widow. Angar was defeated and would fight many Marvel superheroes over the years.

He later entered a relationship with the similarly powered Screaming Mimi. On a robbery, he was shot, and as he died in her arms, she screamed for over an hour until her larynx was destroyed. She was then found by Baron Helmut Zemo, who had Fixer rebuild her voicebox and give her new powers, after which she joined the Thunderbolts as Songbird. The Fixer also took Angar's body and experimented upon his larynx.

The Fixer's experiments resurrected Angar himself as the abstract sound being Scream, who became part of the Redeemers. Scream showed no emotions or intelligence and only obeyed orders. When the Redeemers fought Graviton, most of the team was killed and Scream was dispersed. He managed to restore itself through Songbird's energy and went on a rampage, until he had Songbird disperse him for good.

Songbird and the Redeemers were unaware of Scream's true identity as Angar the Screamer. Songbird did notice something familiar about Scream, but only realised his true identity when Scream restored himself and took Angar's appearance again.

Powers and abilities

As Angar the Screamer, Angar could scream at a superhuman level, deafening and even causing permanent hearing damage to those around him. He could also induce hallucinations in humans with his voice. These hallucinations usually were disturbing and violent in nature. Angar was immune to his own powers.As Scream, Angar was a being made out of "solid sound", allowing him to exist without food or sleep. He didn't need to breathe, but he needed air as a transmission medium to exist. He was immune to physical harm and could even reintegrate himself when dispersed. Scream could fly and manipulate sound around him. He could disorient opponents or use sound as a concussive weapon. Despite his ability to manipulate sound, Scream could not talk and seemed to be a mindless creature for most of his existence.

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