Redeemers (comics)

Redeemers (comics)


caption=Cover to "Thunderbolts" #50. Art by Mark Bagley.
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Thunderbolts" #50
creators=Fabian Nicieza
Mark Bagley
members=Citizen V
subcat=Marvel Comics
The Redeemers were a team of supervillains in the Marvel Comics universe who, under government control, adopted the prior identities of several of the Thunderbolts in return for lighter sentences. They began to appear in "Thunderbolts" #46, appearing as a group in "Thunderbolts" #50, before most of them were killed in "Thunderbolts" #56.


A shared operation between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Commission on Superhuman Activities and backed by the US Government, the Redeemer program gave superpowered criminals a chance to regain their freedom by participating in a government controlled super-team. Essentially a government controlled hybrid of the Thunderbolts.

The Redeemers were first used by a mind-controlled Henry Peter Gyrich to fight the Thunderbolts. They were composed of:

*Citizen V - John Watkins III, the grandson of the original CV, possessed by Baron Helmut Zemo.
*Beetle - Leila Davis, the wife of the Ringer, who wore an updated version of the Beetle-powered armor.
*Fixer - P. Norbert Ebersol, his broken neck healed by his robotic counterpart Techno.
*Scream - A mysterious sonic entity, actually Songbird's former lover Angar the Screamer.
*Smuggler - Conrad Josten, the younger brother of Atlas. His suit allowed him access to the Darkforce dimension.
*Meteorite - Valerie Barnhardt, the illegitimate daughter of Cardinal and New Warriors pilot Sprocket who wore a suit which could fly and generate a "hard air" sheath.

After the Thunderbolts were disbanded and most members pardoned, Jolt and Charcoal were added to the Redeemer program. The team trained briefly with Captain America, who led them at the government's request while Citizen V was tied up on V-Battalion business.

When Graviton returned to Earth, looking to fight the Thunderbolts, he found the Redeemers at their Mt. Charteris headquarters instead, and proceeded to attack and massacre the team. Scream vanished in a vacuum. Charcoal was ripped apart and spread across the desert as dust. The gravitational forces keeping Jolt's bioelectric form together were removed, dispersing her body. Meteorite was left floating in the upper atmosphere, suffocating. The Beetle armor was crushed into a tiny box. Smuggler was hurled into the sun. While Citizen V and Fixer escaped the assault, the Redeemers were no more [.Cite comic | Writer = Fabian Nicieza | Penciller = Patrick Zircher | Inker = Al Vey | Story = Beyond Redemption | Title = Thunderbolts | Volume = 1 | Issue = 56 | Date = November 2001 | Publisher = Marvel Comics | Page = | Panel = | ID = ]

Since the dissolution of the Redeemers, Jolt, Scream, and the Smuggler have all resurfaced.

America Redeemers

The America Redeemers, usually called just the Redeemers, were a team of rebels organized by the Squadron Supreme version of Nighthawk.


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