name = "Sebastes"
fossil_range = Early Oligocene to Present [cite journal
last = Sepkoski
first = Jack
authorlink =
coauthors =
title = A compendium of fossil marine animal genera
journal = Bulletins of American Paleontology
volume = 364
issue =
pages = p.560
publisher =
location =
date = 2002
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doi =
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accessdate = 2007-12-25

image_width = 300px
image_caption = Yelloweye rockfish, "Sebastes ruberrimus"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Actinopterygii
ordo = Scorpaeniformes
familia = Sebastidae
genus = "Sebastes"
genus_authority = Cuvier, 1829
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision = See text.

"Sebastes" is a genus of fish in the scorpionfish family Scorpaenidae, most of which have the common name of Rockfish. Most of the world's 102 rockfish species live in the north Pacific, although one species lives in the South Pacific/Atlantic and 4 species live in the north Atlantic. The coast off South California is the area of highest rockfish diversity, with 56 species living in the Southern California Bight.

The fossil record of rockfish goes back to the Miocene, from California (although one fossil from the Belgium may put the record back as far as the Oligocene).

Rockfish range from the intertidal zone to almost 3000 m deep, usually living benthically on various substrates, often (as the name suggests) around rock outcrops. Some rockfish species are very long lived, amongst the longest living fish on earth, with a maximum reported age of 205 years for "Sebastes aleutianus" (Cailliet "et al." 2001).

Rockfish are an important sport and commercial fish, and many species have been overfished, and seasons are tightly controlled in many areas.


* "Sebastes aleutianus" (Rougheye rockfish)
* "Sebastes alutus" (Pacific ocean perch)
* "Sebastes atrovirens" (Kelp rockfish)
* "Sebastes auriculatus" (Brown rockfish)
* "Sebastes aurora" (Aurora rockfish)
* "Sebastes babcocki" (Redbanded rockfish)
* "Sebastes baramenuke"
* "Sebastes borealis" (Shortraker rockfish)
* "Sebastes brevispinis" (Silvergray rockfish)
* "Sebastes capensis" (False jacopever)
* "Sebastes carnatus" (Gopher rockfish)
* "Sebastes caurinus" (Copper rockfish)
* "Sebastes chlorostictus" (Greenspotted rockfish)
* "Sebastes chrysomelas" (Black-and-yellow rockfish)
* "Sebastes ciliatus" (Dusky rockfish)
* "Sebastes constellatus" (Starry rockfish)
* "Sebastes cortezi" (Cortez rockfish)
* "Sebastes crameri" (Darkblotched rockfish)
* "Sebastes dallii" (Calico rockfish)
* "Sebastes diploproa" (Splitnose rockfish)
* "Sebastes elongatus" (Greenstriped rockfish)
* "Sebastes emphaeus" (Puget Sound rockfish)
* "Sebastes ensifer" (Swordspine rockfish)
* "Sebastes entomelas" (Widow rockfish)
* "Sebastes eos" (Pink rockfish)
* "Sebastes exsul" (Buccaneer rockfish)
* "Sebastes fasciatus" (Acadian redfish)
* "Sebastes flammeus"
* "Sebastes flavidus" (Yellowtail rockfish)
* "Sebastes gilli" (Bronzespotted rockfish)
* "Sebastes glaucus"
* "Sebastes goodei" (Chilipepper)
* "Sebastes helvomaculatus" (Rosethorn rockfish)
* "Sebastes hopkinsi" (Squarespot rockfish)
* "Sebastes hubbsi"
* "Sebastes ijimae"
* "Sebastes inermis" (Mebaru, Black rockfish)
* "Sebastes iracundus"
* "Sebastes itinus"
* "Sebastes jordani" (Shortbelly rockfish)
* "Sebastes joyneri"
* "Sebastes kawaradae"
* "Sebastes koreanus"
* "Sebastes lentiginosus" (Freckled rockfish)
* "Sebastes levis" (Cowcod)
* "Sebastes longispinis"
* "Sebastes macdonaldi" (Mexican rockfish)
* "Sebastes maliger" (Quillback rockfish)
* "Sebastes marinus" (Ocean perch)
* "Sebastes matsubarae"
* "Sebastes melanops" (Black rockfish)
* "Sebastes melanosema" (Semaphore rockfish)
* "Sebastes melanostomus" (Blackgill rockfish)
* "Sebastes mentella" (Deepwater redfish)
* "Sebastes miniatus" (Vermilion rockfish)
* "Sebastes minor"
* "Sebastes moseri" (Whitespeckled rockfish)
* "Sebastes mystinus" (Blue rockfish)
* "Sebastes nebulosus" (China rockfish)
* "Sebastes nigrocinctus" (Tiger rockfish)
* "Sebastes nivosus" (Snowy rockfish)
* "Sebastes norvegicus"
* "Sebastes notius"
* "Sebastes oblongus"
* "Sebastes oculatus" (Patagonian redfish)
* "Sebastes ovalis" (Speckled rockfish)
* "Sebastes owstoni"
* "Sebastes pachycephalus" (Murasoi)
* "Sebastes paucispinis" (Bocaccio)
* "Sebastes peduncularis"
* "Sebastes phillipsi" (Chameleon rockfish)
* "Sebastes pinniger" (Canary rockfish)
* "Sebastes polyspinis" (Northern rockfish)
* "Sebastes proriger" (Redstripe rockfish)
* "Sebastes rastrelliger" (Grass rockfish)
* "Sebastes reedi" (Yellowmouth rockfish)
* "Sebastes rosaceus" (Rosy rockfish)
* "Sebastes rosenblatti" (Greenblotched rockfish)
* "Sebastes ruber"
* "Sebastes ruberrimus" (Yelloweye rockfish)
* "Sebastes rubrivinctus" (Flag rockfish)
* "Sebastes rufinanus" (Dwarf-red rockfish)
* "Sebastes rufus" (Bank rockfish)
* "Sebastes saxicola" (Stripetail rockfish)
* "Sebastes schlegeli" (Schlegel's black rockfish)
* "Sebastes scythropus"
* "Sebastes semicinctus" (Halfbanded rockfish)
* "Sebastes serranoides" (Olive rockfish)
* "Sebastes serriceps" (Treefish)
* "Sebastes simulator" (Pinkrose rockfish)
* "Sebastes sinensis" (Blackmouth rockfish)
* "Sebastes spinorbis"
* "Sebastes steindachneri"
* "Sebastes swifti"
* "Sebastes taczanowskii"
* "Sebastes thompsoni"
* "Sebastes trivittatus"
* "Sebastes umbrosus" (Honeycomb rockfish)
* "Sebastes variegatus" (Harlequin rockfish)
* "Sebastes varispinis"
* "Sebastes ventricosus"
* "Sebastes viviparus" (Norway redfish)
* "Sebastes vulpes"
* "Sebastes wakiyai"
* "Sebastes wilsoni" (Pygmy rockfish)
* "Sebastes zacentrus" (Sharpchin rockfish)
* "Sebastes zonatus"

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* often mistaken for the Red snapper (fish)

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* [] , Port Hardy guided red snapper fishing charters, plus salmon and halibut fishing, family vacations, whale watching, camping, and nature tours.


* Milton S. Love, Mary Yoklavich, Lyman K. Thorsteinson, (2002), "The Rockfishes of the Northeast Pacific", University of California Press

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