A professional whose primary job is conducting private pre-election polls and advising candidates on election strategy. A pollster may inspect ballots. Pollsters typically hold at least a master's degree in statistics.

List of American Pollsters

Some well known contemporary pollsters in the United States include:


*Lauren Aucoin
*Geoff Garin
*Stanley Greenberg
*Peter D. Hart
*Celinda Lake
*Mark Mellman
*Mark Penn


*Kellyanne Fitzpatrick
*Ed Goeas
*Frank Luntz
*Bill McInturff
*Fred Steeper
*Lance Tarrance
*Scott Rasmussen
*Alex Gage
*Chris Wilson

*John Zogby

List of Indian Pollsters

Some well known contemporary pollsters in India include:

*Yogender Yadav
*Premchand Palety

ee also

*straw poll
*push poll

External links

* [http://www.pollingreport.com The Polling Report, a summary of publicly released election polls]
* [http://www.pollster.com Pollster.com, aggregate tracking and analysis of polling trends]

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