Shower head

Shower head

A shower head or showerhead is a nozzle that is used in a shower to produce a spray pattern of water.

Shower heads have different flow rates, can have massage features, often have adjustable spray patterns, and may have features to ease descaling.

imple shower head

A typical, simple shower head is a perforated nozzle that distributes the water over a large solid angle. Thus less water can be used to wet the same area. Low flow shower heads can use water more efficiently by aerating the water stream. Some shower heads can be adjusted to spray different patterns of water.

Hand-held shower head

A hand-held shower head is a portable shower head that can be removed from its base to provide a direct stream of water to any part of the body.

Hard water

Hard water may result in calcium and magnesium deposits clogging the head, reducing the flow and changing the spray pattern. For descaling, various acidic chemicals or brushes can be used or some heads have rubber-like jets that can be manually descaled.

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