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company_name = Kadey-Krogen Yachts
company_type = Private
company_slogan = "At Home On Any Sea"
foundation = 1977 by Jim Krogen, Art Kadey
location = Stuart, Florida flagicon|USA
area_served = Worldwide
key_people = John Gear (president)
Larry Polster (vice president)
Tom Button (vice president)
num_employees = 13 ("2008")
industry = Marine
products = Recreational trawlers in the 39- to convert|58|ft|m|sing=on range
homepage = [http://www.kadeykrogen.com/ www.kadeykrogen.com]

Kadey-Krogen Yachts is the one of the oldest manufacturers of recreational trawler yachts in the U.S., founded in 1977 [ [http://www.kadeykrogen.com/articles/pages/LegacyofKadeyKrogen.htm "The Legacy of Kadey-Krogen Yachts," PassageMaker Magazine, December 2002 ] ] . Recreational trawlers are bluewater-capable yachts closely linked in naval design to the historic fishing trawlers of the North Sea.

Kadey-Krogen Yachts is a limited production company and manufactures 15 trawler yachts per year. The company has announced plans to increase its production output to 18 yachts by 2010.

Four models are currently offered, ranging in size from 39- to convert|58|ft|m.

Defining aspects of the Kadey-Krogen trawler yacht are: a pure full displacement hull; wineglass transom; narrow forward entry; short radius bilges; and traditional woodworking in the ship’s interior. This design enables Kadey-Krogen’s trawler yachts to accomplish extended bluewater cruising. Owners of Kadey-Krogen’s trawler yachts have reported crossing the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea.

In 2006, ownership of the company was transferred to John Gear, Larry Polster and Tom Button.

Kadey-Krogen is currently headquartered in Stuart, Florida, with two regional offices in Annapolis and Seattle. Unlike the majority of boat manufacturers, the company does not use a dealership network, but instead works directly with customers through its regional offices.

Kadey-Krogen's yachts are often used as liveaboard vessels [ [http://www.kadeykrogen.com/articles/pages/misc-miami_herald-24.pdf "Creeping Happily Along the Waterways," Miami Herald, October 2007 ] ] . According to company estimates, up to 75-percent of owners are part- or full-time liveaboards.

Current models

Currently available Kadey-Krogen models include:

"Krogen 39"'

"Krogen 44’"

"Krogen 48’ North Sea"

"Krogen 58’"

A new "Krogen 55’ Expedition Trawler Yacht" is in development, with an official launch expected in the winter of 2008.

Fuel Economy

Trawler yachts are intended to go long distances slowly without taxing engine performance. This makes them fuel efficient, particularly when compared with other similarly sized boat models like the motor and sport yacht.

For example, a convert|58|ft|m|sing=on trawler (like the Krogen 58) consumes seven or eight times less fuel than an equivalently sized motor yacht. That equates roughly to six gallons per hour vs. 45 to 55 gallons per hour.

Cruising Ranges

Design Features

Pure Full DisplacementTM Hull:

Kadey-Krogen yacht design begins with James S. Krogen’s exclusive Pure Full DisplacementTM (PFD) hull with masterful displacement-to-length ratios, fine entry and characteristic end-to-end symmetry including the signature “wineglass” transom. [ [http://www.kadeykrogen.com/articles/pages/44-yachting-02.pdf "The Cruising Life," Yachting Magazine, June 2005 ] ] A pure full displacement hull improves directional stability [ [http://www.kadeykrogen.com/articles/pages/58-sea_magazine-27.pdf "Krogen 58," Sea Magazine, February 2008 ] ] and fuel economy while also providing room below the waterline for the fuel and supplies needed to cross an ocean.

Wineglass Transom:Vee sections aft yield improved end-to-end symmetry for improved hull efficiency, course keeping, broach resistance and response in a seaway.

Fine, Clean Entrance:

A fine forward entry enables wave cutting for low resistance at all speeds and more efficient movement through the water compared to blunt, stout looking forms.

Bilge Radius:

The deadrise design is not rounded and employs short radius bilges for improved stability and motion dampening.

Optimum Displacement-to-Length Ratio:

Displacement-to-length ratios (weight or volume distribution over the waterline) currently range from 269 to 303. Every Kadey-Krogen yacht carries a large capacity of fuel and stores, and sufficient ballast without requiring high power engines.

Engineering and Construction

Solidly Engineered:

Stem-to-stern fiberglass girder systems are closely spaced for effective distribution of hull loads to bulkheads, and encapsulated mahogany girder inserts allow equipment to be attached for maximum strength and reliability. Cast lead (as opposed to iron) ballast conforms to the [keel] contour and is concentrated low in the hull so less ballast material is required and weight is reduced.

Accessibility to Systems:

Engine rooms are designed to permit ready access for inspections and maintenance.

Clear, Functional Foredeck:

Designed for ease of movement, with gradual slope and high, welded stainless rails for security.

Construction Components:

Deckhouse and hull topsides are of cored laminates for reduced weight, lower center of gravity, thermal insulation and strength. Solid fiberglass laminated hull underbodies provide robustness and longevity. Hulls are reinforced with a unique aramid/fiberglass mat containing the same fiber used to give body armor "bullet-proof" capability. U.S.-made premium Cook® gel coat, Knytex® mats, and isophthalic resins reduce maintenance.


Equipped with John Deere diesel marine engines [ [http://www.kadeykrogen.com/articles/pages/misc-marine_powersource-16.pdf Marine Power Source, March 2007 ] ] . All systems are selected for extended cruising, including Northern Lights generators, ABT bow thrusters and stabilizers, Cruisair air conditioning, SeaLand® VacuFlush® toilets and Headhunter water pumps.

Wet Exhaust:

Employs wet exhaust, instead of dry exhaust with keel cooling, for improved safety, cooling, noise reduction, pollution reduction, in addition to lowering air draft. A John Deere-designed wet system provides shaft lubrication and continuous cooling flow, is not susceptible to air entrapment or marine growth.

Ideal Tank Location:

Tanks are located to maximize balance and trim to facilitate rough water cruising.

Resale Value

Trawler yachts designed by Kadey-Krogen historically have enjoyed a strong aftermarket [ [http://www.kadeykrogen.com/articles/pages/misc-miami_herald-24.pdf "Creeping Happily Along the Waterways," Miami Herald, October 2007 ] ] , with higher than average resale prices.

Supply and Demand:Kadey-Krogen is a limited production builder by choice and historically, demand has been high for previously owned Krogens.

Customer-Builder Relationship:

Kadey-Krogen Yachts does not use a dealer network. It works direct to consumer though its offices in Stuart, Annapolis and Seattle.


Each yacht is hand-built. The company has used the same shipyard for over 18 years.


External links

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