Tip (disambiguation)

Tip (disambiguation)

Tip may refer to:
*Tipping, the payment of a gratuity for services rendered.
* A landfill.
*The Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, around 50 volumes, 1953 to present.
* One side of the electrical circuit used to connect a wired telephone. Contrast with Ring and Sleeve
* Cow tipping, a pastime allegedly common in rural areas.
* Supertyphoon Tip, the most intense and largest tropical cyclone on record that caused major flooding in Japan.
* Talent Identification Program.
* Trans-Israel pipeline.
* Tip, one of two 1974 FIFA World Cup mascots.
* The upper end of a blade.
* Footy tipping, A competition where competetors attempt to pick winning sports teams over a given season.
* tip (unix utility) a unix utility for a remote terminal session via a modem connection.
* Translation Inhibitory Protein, a protein which can be produced by the induction of interferons. It acts by modifying ribosomes, so no foreign RNA is translated.
* A character in "The Marvelous Land of Oz" by L. Frank Baum, full name "Tippetaurius, later reveled to be Princess Ozma"
* "The Tip", a 1918 film starring Harold Lloyd.
* A tidbit of information or advice, for example a tout of a particular stock or sporting event.
* Traveling In-core Probe, used in nuclear reactors.
* Hat tip, a cultural expression of recognition, gratitude, or simple acknowledgement.
* , a video game for the Xbox 360, commonly abbreviated as "TiP".
* Square dance tip, a group of dances in square dance.::Tipping:
**Norsk Tipping, the national lottery in Norway
**Tipping fee the charge levied upon a given quantity of waste

In Music

* "Tip" a 1997 Album by Rock Musical Act Finger Eleven.
* "Tip" a 1997 Single by Rock Musical Act Finger Eleven.
* T.I.P., alter ego of rapper T.I.

In Education

* "T.I.P." is a school in the Philippines concentrated in Engineering and Commerce.

ee also

* Tipping point

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