Song Xi

Song Xi

SONG Xi (Chinese: 宋晞; 1920-2007), also known as Sung Shee or Sung Hsi, was an important Taiwan historian, geographer, educator and governmental official. Song was the 4th President of the Chinese Culture University.


October 6, 1920, Song was born in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, China. He studied history and geography at Zhejiang University and obtained his bacholar's and master's degrees there. His master thesis discussed the relationship between merchants and scholar-bureaucrats, governmant in Song Dynasty. He also obtained a master's degree from the Department of History, Columbia University, with dissertation "Chinese Labour in the Transvaal, 1904-1907". Song obtained PhD from Chinese Culture University in June, 1989 [] . Song also received a honorary doctor's degree from Korean Konkuk University.

Song came to Taiwan together with Chang Chi-yun. He had a long career in governmental offices including the research institute of national defence. He was the director of the Department of History and then Institute of History, Chinese Culture University. He also was the 4th President of the Chinese Culture University.

Song was a famous historian especially in the field of Song dynasty history.

March 22, 2007, Song died from a car accident.


Song's studies mainly were in Chinese history especially Song Dynasty history.
* 《宋史研究論叢》("A Series of Studies on Song Dynasty History", Vol. 1 to 5)
* 《旅美論叢》 ("Studies during the American Journey")
* 《中國史學論集》 ("Collection of Studies of Chinese History")
* 《清末華工對南非屈蘭斯瓦爾金礦開採的貢獻》 ("Contributions of Chinese Labors to South African Gold Mines in Late Qing Dynasty")
* 《中國現代史論叢》 ("Collection of Studies of Modern Chinese History")
* 《華學研究論集》 ("Collection of Studies of Sinology")
* 《宋代學術精神之探討》 ("Discussion of the Academic Spirit in Song Dynasty")


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* [ CV of Song Xi]
* [ Academic contributions of Song Xi]

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