Eye (disambiguation)

Eye (disambiguation)

Eye may refer to one of the following:
*Eye, the sight organ
*Eye of a needle
*Eye (cyclone), the center of a tropical cyclone
*The loop of an eye bolt
*The result of an eye splice
*Batter's eye in baseball
*Eye of Providence, the all-seeing eye
*Eye of GNOME, an image viewer
*Eyes Galaxies, in the constellation Virgo
*The London Eye, an observation wheel and tourist attraction
*Sometimes used as a name of the letter "I" or "i" to distinguish from lowercase "L" and "1" when writing in some type fonts about spellings.


*Eye, Cambridgeshire, England, a village in Peterborough
*Eye Green, Peterborough, England
*Eye, Herefordshire, England
*Eye Peninsula, Scotland
*Eye, Suffolk, England
*River Eye, Gloucestershire, England
*River Eye, Leicestershire, England
*Eye Water, a river in Scotland
*Eye Brook, Rutland, England
*Sonning Eye, Oxfordshire

Entertainment and literature

*"Eye" (magazine), the International Review of Graphic Design
*"Eye" (Frank Herbert), a 1985 Frank Herbert short story collection
*Playstation Eye, an EyeToy like peripheral for the PlayStation 3
*"Eyes" (TV series)
*"Eyes" (Babylon 5), an episode of the science-fiction TV series "Babylon 5"
*, an episode of "Space: Above and Beyond"
*"Private Eye (magazine)", a satirical British magazine-newspaper


*"Eye" (album), by Robyn Hitchcock
*Eyes (band), rock band formerly known as Jasper Wrath
*"Eye" (song), by The Smashing Pumpkins and featured on the "Lost Highway" soundtrack
*"Eyes", a song by Tracy Bonham from her album "Blink the Brightest"
*"Eye", a song by Madvillain from his album "Madvillainy"
*"Eye of the Tiger", a song by the band Survivor
*Eye Industries, a record label
*Eye Q, a record label
*The Eyes, a band with Paddy Chambers
*Yamantaka Eye, Japanese musician and artist
*Eyes of Eden, a gothic metal band founded in 2005 by Waldemar Sorychta
*"Eye of the Hunter", album by Brendan Perry
*"The Eyes", a song from David Byrne and Brian Eno's 2008 album "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today"
*"Eye & I", album by Kardinal Offishall

ee also

*The Eye

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