Battle of the Bagradas River (239 BC)

Battle of the Bagradas River (239 BC)

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battle of the Bagradas River

partof= Carthage's Mercenary War
date=239 BC
place=Mouth of the Bagradas River coord|34|00|00|N|32|00|00|E|
result=Carthaginian victory
combatant2=Rebel mercenaries
commander1=Hamilcar Barca
strength1= 10,000 militia, 500 cavalry, 70 elephants
strength2= 25,000 infantry
casualties1= 500 killed
casualties2=6,000 killed, 2,000 captured
The Battle of the Bagradas River was a battle in 239 BC between Hamilcar Barca of Carthage and the town of Utica. It marked Carthage's first major victory in the Mercenary War. For the battle fought in 255 BC during the First Punic War, see Battle of Tunis.

Hamilcar Barca was called out of retirement to replace Hanno the Great, following his embarrassing defeat at Utica. Intent on retaking the town, Hamilcar began moving his troops across the beach where they were quickly surrounded by a horde of insurgents from the city, as well as professional soldiers from a nearby castle they were passing. Charging his war elephants around the insurgent horde, Hamilcar was able to reach a nearly undefended Utica where the Numidian Chief Naravas had remained.

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