List of Franciscan theologians

List of Franciscan theologians

This is a list of Franciscan theologians, in other words a list of Roman Catholic theological writers belonging to the Order of Friars Minor.

The intended arrangement is chronological by date of death.

"Source": "Catholic Encyclopedia" of 1913, article index, article " [ Scotism and Scotists] ".

Old Franciscan School

* Haymo of Faversham (d. 1244)
* Alexander of Hales (c.1183-1245)
* John of Rupella (d. 1245)
* William of Melitora (d. 1260)
* St. Bonaventure (d. 1274)
* Hugh of Digne (d. 1285)
* Matthew of Aquasparta (d. 1289)
* John Pecham (d. 1292)
* Richard of Middletown (d. about 1300)

cotism and the Later Franciscan School

* Duns Scotus
* Petrus Aureoli (1280-1322)
* Francis Mayron (c.1280-1327)
* Walter Burleigh (1275-1337), possibly an Augustinian
* William of Ockham
* Peter of Aquila (d. 1361)
* Nicolas d'Orbellis (1400-1475)

Early modern period

* Jean Benedicti
* François Feuardent (1539-1610)
* Juan Bautista
* Francis Nugent (1569-1635), Capuchin
* Bonaventura Baron (1610-1686)
* Gaudentius of Brescia (1612-1672), Capuchin
* Mathias Hauzeur (1589-1676)
* Francesco Lorenzo Brancati di Lauria (1612-1693), Conventual
* José de Carabantes (1628-1694), Capuchin
* Fortunatus Hueber (d. 1706)
* Martin of Cochem (1630-1712), Capuchin
* Bernard of Bologna (1701-1768), Capuchin

Modern period

* José Arlegui
* Viatora Coccaleo (d. 1793), Capuchin
* Archange de Lyon (1736-1822), Capuchin
* Albert Knoll
* Hilarius of Sexten (1839-1900)

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