Gear (disambiguation)

Gear (disambiguation)

Gear is a toothed wheel designed to transmit torque to another gear or toothed component.

Gear and similar may also refer to:


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* Gearbox
* Gear ratio
* Gear shift, in automotive terms, one of a series of pre-set rotation mechanisms for a manual transmission
* The Landing gear of an aircraft is often spoken as just "gear" by those in the aviation industry, or with aviation knowledge.
* Pinion
* Spiral bevel gear
* Sprocket, a type of gear used to drive a Roller chain


* Gear (graphic novel), written by Doug Tennapel and later made into a TV show called "Catscratch"
* Gear (comics), a DC comics superhero
* Gear (Static Shock), a DCAU superhero
* Gear (magazine), an international men's magazine
* Gears (Transformers), a character in the Transformers universe

Video games

* Gears, types of mecha in the "Xenogears" and "Metal Gear (series)" video games, as well as the Heavy Gear universe
* Gears, a type of biomechanical or mystical creature in the video games series Guilty Gear
* Gears of War, a popular Xbox 360 game
* Aircrafts are known as Gears in Ace Online


* Gears (software) (formerly Google Gears), a browser plug-in from Google that enables development of off-line browser applications


* Gear, a slang term for equipment or apparel, particularly for motorcycle safety clothing, musical equipment and cargo
* Gear, a UK slang for illegal narcotics
* Gearing, an alternate name for leverage (finance) within a financial context

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* Top Gear, disambiguation

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