Time for print

Time for print

Time for Prints or Trade for Prints is a term used in many online photography communities describing an arrangement between a model and a photographer. It is often abbreviated TFP. Instead of paying for each other's services, the photographer agrees to provide the model a certain number of prints of the best photographs from the session and a limited license to use those prints, in return for a broad model release.

A variant of this arrangement is Time for CD or Trade for CD (TFCD). With TFCD, the selection of images is provided on a CD in lieu of prints.

There are no "standard" terms for a TFP/TFCD shoot. Every photographer and model have preferences on how to arrange and execute the shoots. However, the following conventions are common:
* Model is responsible for wardrobe and makeup expenses.
* Photographer is responsible for any location permits or studio and equipment rental.
* Photographer is responsible for any print, CD media, and shipping costs.
* Each participant is responsible for their own transportation.
* Photographer will obtain a signed model release to use the photographs for portfolio, art print, or commercial purposes.
* Model will receive a license to use the photographs for their portfolio, comp card, and online portfolio.
* The photographer will choose the best photos to retouch and send to the model.
* The amount of retouching also varies by photographer.
* The total time to select, retouch, and send the photographs to the model can range from one week to two months.
* The make-up artist may request a small "kit fee" from the photographer or model to recover makeup costs.
* Themes and wardrobe requirements are arranged prior to the shoot by telephone, in person, or over email.
* Some photographers only provide low-resolution photos (for online posting), others provide high-quality photos for printing.
* The photographer may require that all photographs posted online include a watermark (to deter image theft) and attribution.
* The model cannot sell the photographs to any web site or submit them to magazine/online contests without permission.
* If the model is under 18, a parent is usually required to attend the shoot and sign the release.
* The photographer may have rules about whether the model can bring a guest and how the guest can participate in the shoot.

While some professional photographers and models arrange TFP/TFCD shoots for personal projects, these terms are only common among the participants of Internet modeling and photography communities. Instead, commercial and fashion agencies, photographers, and models use a test shoot (also referred to as a "model test" or simply "testing"). Test shoots differ from TFP/TFCD in important ways:
* They are usually arranged through the model's agency.
* The model does not sign a model release, but the photographer and model can use the photographs for portfolio purposes.
* For test shoots to build a model's book, the model generally compensates the photographer, make-up artist, and stylists for their time at a special rate for testing.
* In some cases, the model's agency may pay for the shoot out of the model's future earnings.
* For test shoots a photographer arranges to try an idea, the agency may provide the model at no cost in return for some shots for the model's book or feedback on a new model's ability.
* The styles of photography are generally commercial or editorial print--the same genres the participants shoot for clients.
* Test shoots are not used for glamour, art nude, casual portraits, or erotic/adult styles, since these offer no benefit to a commercial or fashion model's portfolio.

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These are popular modeling and photography websites where TFP/TFCD arrangements are common within their community. Most contain various forums and FAQs with numerous discussions on shoot arrangements and etiquette, as well as photography and modeling in general. Caution: some of these sites contain NSFW photographs and material.

* http://www.net-portfolio.co.uk
* http://www.missonline.us
* http://www.fotopunto.com/
* http://www.modelrun.com/
* http://www.model.se/
* http://www.modelmayhem.com/
* http://www.musecube.com/
* http://www.onemodelplace.com/
* http://www.modellocate.com/
* http://www.solomodels.com/
* http://www.wolfkettler.co.uk/models/

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