Richard Rusczyk

Richard Rusczyk

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Richard Rusczyk (last name "RUH-sic") is the founder of Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) Inc. and a co-author of the Art of Problem Solving textbooks. He is one of the co-creators of the Mandelbrot Competition, and the director of the USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS). He also founded the San Diego Math Circle.


Rusczyk was a participant in the National MathCounts competition and a three-time participant in the Math Olympiad Summer Program (MOSP or MOP).

Richard Rusczyk served as telecaster for the ESPN airings of the National MathCounts contest for several years and was the keynote speaker one year. Rusczyk regularly volunteers at chapter, state, and national Mathcounts competitions. In 1989 Rusczyk was a winner of the USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO).

Mandelbrot Competition

During the summer of 1990, Richard Rusczyk, Sandor Lehoczky, and Sam Vandervelde organized the Mandelbrot Competition, a popular high school math competition.


Rusczyk graduated from Princeton University in 1993. He served on the board for ARML and managed the Western ARML site at one point.

"The Art of Problem Solving"

In 1994, Rusczyk and Sandor Lehoczky wrote the Art of Problem Solving books, designed to prepare students for mathematical competitions by teaching them concepts and problem solving methods rarely taught in school. These books lent their name to the company he founded in 2003.

After a successful career as a bond trader working for D.E. Shaw & Company, Rusczyk founded AoPS Incorporated, with the purpose of educating students to excel in mathematics and problem solving. AoPS offers a multitude of free resources for students, mathematical [ classes] , as well as hosting one of the largest [ math forums] on the Internet. Most recently, Rusczyk wrote an Introductory Geometry textbook and an Introductory Algebra textbook. His company also publishes other books by different members of the staff, such as Introductory Number Theory by Mathew Crawford.

Rusczyk founded and serves on the board of the nonprofit Art of Problem Solving Foundation, which he created to find ways to create opportunities for avid students of mathematics. The AoPS Foundation manages the United States of America Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS) and finances donations for numerous local math initiatives around the United States.


Rusczyk frequently writes articles for avid math students based on his past experiences as both a mathlete and a teacher. He publishes them for free on the web.

* [ The Calculus Trap]
* [ How to Write a Solution] — for USAMO and mathematical Olympiad students.
* [ Pros and Cons of Math Competitions]

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