Space Patrol Delta

Space Patrol Delta

Space Patrol Delta, often abbreviated to S.P.D., is a fictional organization from the Power Rangers universe, appearing in the television series Power Rangers: S.P.D.. It is an organization that oversees law enforcement over an unknown area of space, and deploys Ranger technology to maintain order and peace.



The original Space Patrol Delta was founded on Sirius at an unknown time, training both Sirians and other alien races (such as Icthior's) [1] to be defenders of the galaxy. Prominent in its ranks was Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, who led the SPD forces in battle when Sirius was invaded by the Troobians under Emperor Gruumm and General Benaag. Despite days of constant fighting, Space Patrol Delta was defeated and every single Sirian except for Cruger was wiped out. Despite the fall of Sirius, SPD survived in the form of other planetary branches and a new central Galaxy Command under Commander Birdy Fowler.

One such branch, top secret and known only to a few, was the one on Earth in 2001, where scientist Kat Manx and several humans were performing experiments. The effects of the experiments became apparent when the scientist's children began displaying superhuman powers, and they were split up to avoid repercussions. [2] Doggie Cruger was reassigned to Earth and at some point founded the local SPD Academy, as well as watching over the scientist's children. Soon, SPD became a public organisation with its own group of Rangers with powers; only the original Red Ranger has been shown, wearing a uniform identical to the Time Force Red Rangers. [3] The original SPD Red Ranger would eventually fall in battle.

By 2025, SPD Earth had two sets of Rangers - the B-Squad Rangers reserve team and the A-Squad elite - and three of the children of the original scientists had joined the Academy and become part of B-Squad. Under the Rangers came the C-Squad and D-Squad cadets. The SPD organisation now spanned the galaxy with outposts on Zantor, KO-35, Gamma-4, Gamma-Orion, Verinox 12 and the Theta Quadrant among others. Despite this, they were unable to stop the relentless march of the Troobian Empire. [4]

When the Troobians came to Earth, the remaining children of the original SPD scientists were quickly drafted in to the B-Squad. They later became in charge of Earth's protection when A-Squad were Missing In Action after being sent to fight off a Troobian assault on the Helix Nebula Federation. Doggie himself joined B-Squad after an assault by General Benaag, becoming the S.P.D. Shadow Ranger, and an SPD Omega Ranger arrived from an alternate timeline. The Troobians soon became entrenched on Earth, though Gruumm was able to ensure the destruction of the Gamma 4 base despite this.

Eventually, Delta Base came under direct assault from the Krybot armies under Broodwing and many officers were taken down, with Delta Base's defences (specifically its ability to become the Delta Command Megazord) being offlined in the process in order to repel Broodwing out and the Delta Runners being destroyed by the A-Squad's Megazord. While the B-Squad took on the power of Omni direct, the remaining SPD personnel had to fight off a second invasion by Gruumm's full army - the sudden arrival by reinforcements from Galaxy Command turned the tide. Following victory, Doggie Cruger was promoted and the B-Squad were made highest-ranking team on Earth.

Afterwards, as revealed in Once a Ranger, Commander Birdy retired and Cruger has become Supreme Commander, with Sky Tate as head of the Earth base.

Each S.P.D. Ranger has a numerical designation written on their Ranger suit: S.P.D. Red is #1, S.P.D. Blue is #2, S.P.D. Green is #3, S.P.D. Yellow is #4, S.P.D. Pink is #5, S.P.D. Shadow is #100. Omega has VI on his suit, and Nova has M on her suit, presumably standing for 6 and 1000, respectively (So its possible in the future SPD will use Roman numerals). Each ranger (except Shadow Ranger probably because his number is "Too big") also has tick marks on their helmets above their visor corresponding with their numerical designation. S.P.D. Red has one mark, S.P.D. Blue has two, S.P.D. Green has three, S.P.D. Yellow has four, S.P.D. Pink has five, and S.P.D. Omega has six. Strangely enough, Nova Ranger has eight marks (Of course it would be hard to put 1000 marks on a helmet).

In an alternate timeline, July 11th 2025 was the day on which the Troobians wiped out most of S.P.D. Earth and conquered the planet. The remainders of S.P.D. developed the Omega Ranger technology and sent it back in time to avert the original defeat.

Supreme Commander Fowler Birdy

Fowler Birdy (portrayed by Paul Norell) is the Supreme Commander of S.P.D. and Commander Cruger's superior. However, the two do not get along at all, as indicated by Cruger referring to Birdy as an "over-stuffed pelican." Arrogant and supremely blunt, he does not tolerate insubordination and views Gruumm's victory on Sirius as an embarrassment. [5]

When Birdy came to Earth to inspect S.P.D.'s Earth headquarters, his style of tactics clashed with Cruger's (which was to keep the Rangers as a team because that's how he thought they worked best.) This led to Cruger's brief expulsion from S.P.D., during which Birdy took command of the Delta Base. After foolishly splitting up the Ranger team, he went out personally to fight Emperor Gruumm and was quickly overwhelmed by Gruumm's superior skill. Luckily, Shadow Ranger, acting against orders, showed up on his ATV and drove the Troobian warlord off. Fowler was at first enraged, but changed his tune after Cruger drew a salute from his fellow Rangers. Birdy departed, commending Cruger for his actions and telling him that the galaxy is depending on him.

Birdy appeared again when Morgana launched her all out attack on the Power Rangers, informing them that Galactic Command could not respond on such short notice, and that they were on their own.

He later appeared to promote Dr. Manx (which she later refused) to a position at Galaxy Command and when she wanted to stop Mooney he gave her the Kat Morpher to go into battle herself, and in the final S.P.D. episode, Endings Part 2, he was among the S.P.D. reinforcements to assist in the final battle against the Troobians ,apparently having decided to go into battle himself.

In the Operation Overdrive team-up story Once a Ranger, Bridge reveals that at some point after the finale of S.P.D., Birdy retired from his position (and moved to Miami). Cruger was promoted to his position as Supreme Commander.

Katherine Manx

Sergeant Silverback

Sergeant Silverback (portrayed by John Tui) is an S.P.D. training instructor based on the planet Zentor who looks like an alien gorilla. He is a (rather odd) friend of Anubis Cruger, who sends B-Squad to him following their lack of teamwork. Silverback put them through their paces, training them and strengthening the bonds of friendship between them. After receiving his approval, he sent a communication to Cruger, only to learn that he was in trouble. Dismissing B-Squad once and for all from Zentor, he gave them the S.P.D. S.W.A.T. Truck, allowing them access to S.W.A.T. mode.

Sergeant Silverback's only companion is an older model S.P.D. canine robot reminiscent of R.I.C. It seems to be modelled after a bulldog. He speaks as a stereotypical military officer (reminiscent of R. Lee Ermey) and looks like a cross between a caveman and an ape.

In Endings, Part 2 he was among several reinforcements to help S.P.D. in their final battle against the Troobians. He also brought his R.I.C. with him, and another S.W.A.T. truck to assist in the battle.

Unnamed high-rank officers

They appeared only in Endings Part 2 along with Birdy and Silverback to fight the Troobian army. Four humanoid aliens in total: a lion, an octopus, a falcon and an ape. All of them appeared in Dekaranger playing important roles:

  • Leader of the new S.P.D. Fire Squad, Officer Gyoku Rou the lion was the original Deka Red (though never wore the suit)
  • Captain Porupo the octopus was Deka Red's commanding officer
  • General Director Numa-O the falcon (Birdie's counterpart)
  • Instructor Bunta the baboon (Silverback's counterpart)

A-Squad Rangers

Sky's Father/Officer Tate

Schuyler "Sky" Tate's father served as an SPD Red Ranger of great renown. His suit resembles that of the Red Time Force Ranger, or it may be the same suit used by the Red Time Force Ranger, as he may be a member of an SPD Squad which uses the Time Force Ranger Suits. Sky's father also apparently helped create the Delta Morphers along with the parents of the other B-Squad Rangers and Kat Manx and due to this his DNA was altered. As a result, his son Sky was born with the ability to create force fields. He was once called to an intense battle, and saved dozens of people, but he ultimately lost his life to a criminal named Mirloc. Mirloc was later contained and sent to a special prison facility. His helmet was found and given to his son Sky after his death. Mirloc later escaped but was recaptured by Sky himself in battle.

B-Squad Rangers





Boom (portrayed by Kelson Henderson) is the lab assistant of Kat Manx, and is always willing to test out her latest inventions. Boom attended S.P.D. academy, but was kicked out because of his incompetence. However, he was of interest to Cruger, who convinced Kat to let him serve as her assistant. [6]

Boom never told his parents about being kicked out of the academy. He managed to convince them that he was the "Orange Ranger", which came back to haunt him when they came to visit. He was forced to don a mock-up costume and team up with the B-Squad, putting the true Rangers in trouble. He then returned to what he knew best, and finally told his parents about his real job: guinea pig for Kat's inventions.


The lowest ranking squad, this squad consists of cadets who trained for eventual promotion to active status as C-Squad and up. They are trained and advised by the B-Squad. The D-Squad consists of S.O.P.H.I.E, 3 Caucasian Males and an Asian Female.


S.O.P.H.I.E. (or Series One Processor Hyper Intelligent Ecryptor, portrayed by Natacha Hutchison) is a computer programmer and cyborg. She enrolled at S.P.D. to use her skills for good, hiding her cyborg origins (as cyborgs are highly prejudiced against). When the rangers discovered her secret, she was expelled from the academy, and pursued by Valko. After escaping from him (with the help of Cruger who heard her cry for help and as the Shadow Ranger card-captured him), she returned to S.P.D. and helped activate the Delta Command Megazord. Realizing that she meant no harm, and what an asset she could be to S.P.D., she was given a job as a programmer at the Theta Quadrant.


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