World Scrabble Championship

World Scrabble Championship

:"This article is about the tournament in English. For other uses, see World Scrabble Championships."The World Scrabble Championship is the most prestigious title in competitive English-language Scrabble. It has been held every second year since 1991. The current World Scrabble Champion is Nigel Richards. Richards won the title at the 2007 event held in Mumbai, India.

Sponsorship formerly alternated between Hasbro and Mattel, respectively the owners of the Scrabble trademark in North America and the rest of the world. However, Hasbro declined to sponsor WSC 2005, and instead Mattel organised and sponsored WSC 2005.

The number of players invited to the tournament has risen steadily over time, from 48 in 1991 to 104 in 2007. A set number of places is allocated to each competing country and it is then up to individual countries' national associations to determine which of their players will represent them. This is typically done by means of a national ratings system or qualifier tournaments or some combination of the two. A good performance by a national team according to specific criteria will earn further permanent places for that country.

The dictionary used is colloquially known as SOWPODS, which is the word authority used in the majority of English-language Scrabble-playing countries.

World Scrabble Championships

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