Badami Oil Field

Badami Oil Field

Infobox Oil field
name = Badami oil field
region = Alaska North Slope
country = United States
coordinates = coord|70.1511|N|147.0967|W
locblock =
offonshore = Offshore and onshore
operators = BP
partners =

location map|Alaska|border=none|caption=|lat_deg=70.1511|lon_deg=-147.0967
caption = Badami oil field's location in Alaska
discovery = Conoco Badami 1 well, March 7, 1990
startofproduction = 1998
peakofproduction =
expectedabandonment =
currentproductionoil =
currentproductiongas =
estimatedstoiip = Not published
estimatedgiip =
producingformations = Canning Formation
The Badami oil field is an oil field in the Alaska North Slope. The field is about 35 miles east of Prudhoe Bay and about 30 miles west of the western border of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 1002 Area. Badami was discovered by Conoco in 1990 at the Badami Number 1 well. The Badami pipeline was constructed to connect the field with the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, more than 30 miles away. The oil field is described as a complex and discontinuous reservoir containing heavy weight oil gravity ranging from 21 to 30 degrees API. [ [,%20Badami-Oil/1_Oil_1.htm AOGCC Pool Statistics - Badami Unit, Badami Oil Pool] .] Initial cost of development was approximately $300 million. [Petroleum News. [ State approves BP’s request to mothball Badami for two years] . June 13, 2003.]

BPXA began production in 1998, but production was suspended in August 2003. BP cited the field's poor performance producing only 1,350 bbl/day saying it was not sufficient to offset costs. Production resumed in September 2005 on 6 month production and 6 month recharge cycles using technique's BP developed specifically for Badami. [Petroleum News. [ BP to shut down Badami for recharge] . August 26, 2007.]

Landing strip

Badami has a 5,100 ft x 75 ft landing strip located at the oil field near the Badami Central Processing Unit. There is also a dock along the shoreline nearby.

ee also

*Prudhoe Bay oil field
*Trans-Alaska Pipeline System


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