Cats (disambiguation)

Cats (disambiguation)

Cats may refer to:

* "Cats" (musical), an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical
* "Cats" (film), a video version of the musical
* Jacob Cats (1577–1660), Dutch poet
* "Felis catus", the domestic cat
* Felidae, the taxonomic grouping of all cats

The acronym CATS may refer to:

* CATS (software), electronic design automation software
* CATS (trading system), Computer Assisted Trading System, an automated trading system developed by the Toronto Stock Exchange
* CATS pipeline, a natural gas pipeline in North Sea
* CATS, a character from the 1989 video game "Zero Wing" known for speaking the phrase "All your base are belong to us"
* Central Autónoma de Trabajadores Salvadoreños, a trade union in El Salvador
* Charlotte Area Transit System, the regional transit authority in Charlotte, North Carolina
* Chicago Area Transportation Study, the former metropolitan planning organization for the Chicago region
* Citizens for an Alternative Tax System, a national tax reform public interest group in the United States
* Commonwealth Accountability Testing System, the assessment process for K-12 schools in Kentucky, USA
* Computer Active Technology Suspension, an automotive technology that controls the movement of the wheels
* Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme, a scheme used by many UK universities to evaluate modular degrees
* Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland, an annual awards event in Scotland
* C.A.T.S., fictional Home Office team from "C.A.T.S. Eyes", a British television series aired between 1985 and 1987

See also

*Cat (disambiguation)
*Kats, a town in the Netherlands

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