List of Lepidoptera that feed on Buddleja

List of Lepidoptera that feed on Buddleja

"Buddleja" (or "Buddleia") species are used as food plants by the larvae (caterpillars) of a number of Lepidoptera species, including the following.


*"Argina argus" – India


*"Coryphodema tristis" – recorded on "Buddleja madagascariensis" in South Africa


*"Pyramidobela angelarum" – Nearctic


*Indian Awlking ("Choaspes benjaminii") – India


*Holly Blue or Hill Hedge Blue ("Celastrina argiolus") – recorded on "Buddleja davidii" in India


*Mullein ("Cucullia verbasci") – Palaearctic
*"Episteme maculatrix" – India
*"Mentaxya muscosa" – recorded on "Buddleja polystachya" in East Africa
*The Gothic ("Naenia typica") – UK
*"Opsigalea ocellata" – recorded on "Buddleja sessiliflora" in the Nearctic and Mexico


*"Charaxes" sp. – recorded on "Buddleja davidii" in East Africa
*Variable Checkerspot ("Euphydryas chalcedona") – recorded on "B. davidii" in the Nearctic


*Redbase Jezebel ("Delias aglaia") – India


*"Oidaematophorus lienigianus" – Nearctic


*"Pagyda salvalis" – East Africa
*"Pionea ablactalis" – recorded on "Buddleja polystachya" in East Africa


*Death's-head Hawkmoth or Bee Robber ("Acherontia lachesis") – recorded on "Buddleja asiatica" in Taiwan
*"Aellopos tantalus" – recorded on "Buddleja davidii" in Brazil
*"Coelonia fulvinotata" – recorded on "B. davidii" in East Africa
*"Enyo ocypete" – recorded on "B. davidii" in Brazil


*"Argyrotaenia citrana" – Nearctic
*Light Brown Apple Moth ("Epiphyas postvittana") – recorded on "Buddleja davidii" in Europe


*"Erasmia pulchella" – India
*"Eterusia aedea" – India
*"Histia flabellicornis" – India

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