Standard ad size

Standard ad size

The Universal Ad Package (UAP) is a set of four ad sizes that all compliant member publishers have agreed to support. This standard is published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

* 300 x 250 - (Medium Rectangle)
* 180 x 150 - (Rectangle)
* 160 x 600 - (Wide Skyscraper)
* 728 x 90 - (Leaderboard)

Ad sizes have been standardized to some extent; they are: [cite web|url=|title=Ad Unit Guidelines|publisher=Interactive Advertising Bureau]


Relation to other standards

Closest to
* golden ratio 1.61 : Vertical rectangle (1.67)
* ISO paper size 1.41 : Button 1 (1.33)
* standard photographic print size 1.5 : Vertical rectangle (1.67)


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