List of people with surname Moore

List of people with surname Moore

Moore is a popular surname in many English-speaking countries and is of Gaelic/English origin. This surname is shared by many notable people, among them being:


* Addison Webster Moore (1866-1930), American professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago
* George Edward Moore, English philosopher educated at the University of Cambridge
* James Moore (biographer), English philosopher of science University of Cambridge, visiting scholar at Harvard University


* Alan Moore (b. 1953), English comic book writer
* Brian Moore (novelist) (1921-1999), Irish novelist
* C. L. Moore (1911-1987), American science fiction and fantasy writer
* Carol Moore, American libertarian decentralist writer and student of consciousness
* Charles Leonard Moore, American poet and essayist
* Charles Moore (journalist), British journalist and former editor of "The Daily Telegraph"
* Charles Willard Moore, American architect, educator, writer
* Christopher Moore (author) (b. 1957), American absurdist writer
* Clara Jessup Moore (1824-99), American philanthropist and writer
* Clement Clarke Moore (1779-1863), American professor and writer
* Edward Moore, English dramatist and writer
* Frank Frankfort Moore, British dramatist, novelist and poet
* Frank Moore (journalist), American journalist and compiler
* George Henry Moore (author), American historical writer and librarian
* George Moore (novelist), (1852-1933) Irish writer, poet, art critic, memoirist and dramatist
* Henry Moore (biographer), English Wesleyan minister and biographer
* Jacqueline S. Moore (1926-2002), American. poet
* James Moore (Cornish author), English non-fiction writer
* James A. Moore American horror writer
* John Moore (anarchist), British anarchist author, teacher and organiser
* John Moore (author), American engineer and author
* John Moore (author, British), British author and pioneer conservationist
* John Moore (Bishop of Ely), English cleric, scholar, and book collector
* John Moore (Scottish physician), Scottish physician and writer
* John R. Moore, American student and biographer of Daniel Defoe
* Maurice Moore (1854-1939), Irish author and revolutionary soldier
* Marianne Moore (1887-1972), American poet
* Nicholas Moore (1918-86), English poet
* Peter Moore (travel author) (b. 1962), Australian travel author
* Robin Moore (b. 1925), American writer
* Susanna Moore (b. 1947), American crime writer
* Thomas Moore (1779-1852), Irish poet
* Thomas Sturge Moore (1870-1944), English poet and artist
* William Moore (critic) (1868–1937) Australian art and dramatic critic

Visual arts, fashion and architecture

* Albert Joseph Moore (1841-1893), English decorative painter
* Arthur Cotton Moore (b. 1935), American architect
* Charles Moore (photographer), American photographer
* Frank C. Moore (painter), (1953-2002),American New York-based painter
* Henry Moore, English artist and sculptor
* Henry Moore (painter), English marine and landscape painter
* John Moore (artist), South African artist
* Christopher Terrell Moore, (artist), North Carolina see also art by Christopher


* Alfred Moore (1755-1810), former associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
* C. H. Moore (1817-1901), friend and law associate of Abraham Lincoln on the Dewitt County circuit
* James F. Moore, Senior Fellow at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society
* John Bassett Moore, the first US judge to serve on the International Court of Justice
* John Moore (Australian jurist), presiding judge of the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission
* Roy Moore (b. 1947), former Chief Justice of Alabama


* Devin Moore American murderer
* John Moore (regicide), English regicide of King Charles I
* Peter Moore (serial killer) (b. 1940), Welsh serial killer
* Ramona Moore (d. 2003), American murder victim
* Sara Jane Moore (b. 1930), American failed assassin
* Tyria Moore (b. 1965), American serial killer befriender

Industry and economics

* Gordon E. Moore, American co-founder and retired chairman and CEO of Intel Corporation
* Randle T. Moore (1874-1962), American businessman and captain of industry
* Stephen Moore (economist), American economist


* Archie Moore (1913 or 1916-1998), American world boxing champion
* Billy Moore, Australian rugby league player
* Bobby Moore (1941-1993), English footballer
*Brian Moore (rugby league), Australian rugby league footballer and coach
*Brian Moore (rugby union), English rugby union footballer and commentator
* Charles Moore (athlete), American athlete
* Charlie Moore, American baseball player
* Davey Moore (1960s), American world champion boxer
* Davey Moore (1980s), American world champion boxer
* Dominic Moore, Canadian ice hockey player (NHL)
* Donnie Moore (1954-1989), American baseball player
* Harry Moore (baseball), American baseball player
* Jacqueline Moore (b. 1966), American professional wrestler
* James Moore (cyclist), English bicycle racer, consider the first champion cyclist
* Jerrie Moore (1855-1890), Canadian baseball player
* John Moore (footballer), English football player and manager
* Karl Moore, Irish footballer
* Luke Moore, English footballer
* Manfred Moore, American football player
* Marie Moore, (b. 1967), former international butterfly swimmer from Canada
* Mike Moore (baseball), American baseball player
* Nat Moore (b. 1951), American football player
* Rob Moore (field hockey) (born 1981), English field hockey player
* Shannon Moore (b. 1979), American professional wrestler
* Stephen Moore (cricketer), English cricketer
* Stephen Moore (rugby player), Australian rugby union footballer
* Steve Moore, Canadian ice hockey player (NHL)


* Alecia Beth Moore (b. 1979), American pop/rock/R&B singer (aka Pink or P!nk)
* Anthony Moore (b. 1948), British musician and composer
* Arnold Moore (1914-2004), American blues singer
* Bob Moore (b. 1932), American session musician, orchestra leader, and bassist
* Chante Moore (b. 1967), American singer
* Deacon John Moore, American musician, singer, and bandleader
* Gary Moore (b. 1952), Northern Irish guitarist
* Grace Moore (1898-1947), American soprano and actress
* Jackie Moore (b. 1946), American jazz singer from Florida
* John Moore (bluegrass musician), American mandolin player
* John Moore (saxophonist), American saxophonist and saxophone teacher
* Kevin Moore, American musician
* Lecrae Moore, American Christian rap artist
* Mandy Moore, American pop-singer and actress
* Michael Moore, American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist and composer
* Ondre Moore, American rapper member of D12
* Rudy Ray Moore (b. 1927), African-American singer, comedian and cult-film maker
* Scotty Moore American blues and rock-n-roll guitarist
* Shimon Moore, Australian musician
* Sonny Moore, American vocalist
* Thurston Moore, (b. 1958) American guitarist and experimental musician
* Vinnie Moore (b. 1964), American musician
* William Moore (musician) (1893−1951), American blues singer and guitarist


* Benjamin Moore (1748-1816), American Protestant Episcopal bishop
* David Hastings Moore (1838-1915), American Methodist Episcopal bishop
* Edward Caldwell Moore, American theologian
* George Foot Moore, American theologian
* Henry Moore (1751-1844), English biographer and friend of John Wesley
* John Moore (Archbishop), English cleric and Archbishop of Canterbury from 1783 to 1805
* John Moore (Baptist), Baptist minister
* Michael Moore (priest) (1640-1726), Irish priest, preacher, and professor, the only Catholic provost of Trinity College (Dublin University)cite web |url= |title=Catholic Encyclopedia|accessdate=2008-05-09 ]
* Zephaniah Swift Moore (1770-1823), American clergyman and educator


* Cecil Ray Moore (1894-1983), American Major General in U.S. Army, Chief Engineer, U.S. European Theater of Operations
* Charles Moore, 1st Marquess of Drogheda, British military officer
* Edwin Ward Moore (1810-1865), American-born Texan commander of the Texas Navy
* George F. Moore (soldier), American Major General in the U.S. Army
* Hal Moore (b. 1922), American Lieutenant General in the U.S. Army
* Henry Moore (admiral), British admiral during World War II
* James Edward Moore, American United States Army General
* John Moore (British Army officer), British soldier and General
* John White Moore, American naval officer
* Rory Moore (also known as Rory O'More), member of the Leix sept in Ireland, the head of the 1641 Rising and a staunch ally of Owen Roe O'Neill in the subsequent warFact|date=May 2008

Physical sciences

* Charles B. Moore, American physicist, engineer and meteorologist
* Frederic Moore (1830-1907), British Indian Lepidopterist
* Gordon Moore (b. 1929), U.S. chemist
* Henry Ludwell Moore, American economist
* John Percy Moore, American zoölogist
* Moore's Law, the empirical observation that the transistor density of integrated circuits doubles every 24 months (after Gordon Moore)
* Patrick Moore (b. 1923), English astronomer

Government and politics

* Claire Moore, Australian Senator
* Clover Moore, Australian politician and Lord Mayor of Sydney, Australia
* Dan K. Moore (1906-1986),American, former governor of North Carolina
* Dennis Moore (b. 1945), American politician from Kansas
* George Fletcher Moore, prominent early settler in colonial Western Australia
* George H. Moore, American, Los Angeles City Councilman of the 15th district
* George Henry Moore (1810-1870), Irish politician (MP) from County Mayo
* Gwen Moore, American Congresswomen from Wisconsin
* Harry T. Moore(1905-1951) American civil rights activist
* James Moore (Canadian politician), Canadian Member of Parliament for Port Moody—Westwood—Port Coquitlam
* James Moore (South Carolina politician), British colonial governor of South Carolina between 1700 and 1703
* John E. Moore, American politician and the current Lieutenant Governor of Kansas
* John M. Moore, American rancher, statesman, and congressmen from Texas
* John Moore, Baron Moore of Lower Marsh, British politician who was Member of Parliament for Croydon Central
* John Moore (Australian politician), Australian Liberal member of the House of Representatives
* John Moore (Irish politician), Irish statesman and rebellion leader
* John Moore (Whig), American statesman and planter from Louisiana
* Mike Moore (b. 1949), New Zealand former Prime Minister and Director-General of the WTO
* Newton Moore (1870-1926), Australian politician
* Richard H. Moore, American State Treasurer of North Carolina and 2008 candidate for governor
* Sir Henry Moore, 1st Baronet, British colonial Governor of New York 1765-1769
* William S. Moore (1822–1877), American Congressman from Pennsylvania


* Clarence Bloomfield Moore (1852- ? ), American archaeologist
* Lucy Moore, historian

Television and film

* Allison Moore, American voice actress
* Clayton Moore (1914-1999), American actor
* Constance Moore (1920-2005), American singer and actress
* Demi Moore (b. 1962), American actress
* Dudley Moore (1935-2002), English actor and comedian
* Eva Moore (1870-1955), English actress
* Garry Moore (1915-1993), American television host
* Jodie Moore (b. 1976), Australian porn star and exotic dancer
* Joe Moore, American news anchor in Hawaii
* John Moore (movie director), Irish film director, producer, and writer
* John Moore (broadcaster), Canadian radio and television broadcaster, film critic, actor, voice actor and comedian
* John Moore (designer), movie production designer
* Julianne Moore (b. 1960), American actress
* Mary Tyler Moore (b. 1936), American actress and comedian
* Matthew Moore, Irish-born American silent film actor
* Michael Moore (b. 1954), American social critic and documentary film director
* Moore Brothers, Irish-born actors from early Hollywoord
* Owen Moore, Irish-born American silent film actor
* Roger Moore (b. 1927), English actor best known for James Bond
* Ronald D. Moore (b. 1964), American screenwriter and television producer
* Rudy Ray Moore (b. 1927), African-American cult-film maker, comedian and singer
* Stephen Moore (actor), English actor from Brixton, London
* Thomas J. Moore, Irish-born American silent film actor
* Trevor Moore (b.1980), American actor, writer, and comedian
* William Moore (actor) (1915–2000), English TV actor


* Charles Page Thomas Moore, American co-founder of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
* Clifford Herschel Moore (1866-1931), American Latin scholar
* Edward Moore (scholar), English scholar
* Frank Gardner Moore, American Latin scholar
* Samuel James T Moore II, American Civil War Author

Mathematics and computer science

* Charles H. Moore, American computer scientist, inventor of the Forth programming language
* J Strother Moore, American computer scientist
* Roger Moore (computer scientist), American computer scientist
* Edward F. Moore (1925-2003), American mathematician and computer scientist
* E. H. Moore (1862-1932), American mathematician
* Robert Lee Moore (1882-1974), American mathematician
* William Moore (fl. c.1806–1823), British mathematician

Health and medicine

* Edward Mott Moore, American surgeon
* Francis Daniels Moore (1913-2001), American surgeon
* John Moore (human patent), American cancer patient
* John Moore (physician), American former Surgeon General of the Army


* Rebecca Moore, American beauty pageant winner
* Al Moore, American railroadman and founder of Moore, Oklahoma

Fictional characters

* Rachel Moore, fictional character in the anime and manga "Case Closed"
* Richard Moore (Case Closed), character from the detective manga and anime series "Case Closed"


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