Green Ronin Publishing

Green Ronin Publishing

Green Ronin Publishing is an American company based in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2000 by Chris Pramas, they have published several role-playing game–related products. They have won several awards for their games including multiple Origins, ENnie, Pen & Paper, and Inquest Fan Awards.

Games and Products

They have written the second edition of "Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay", which was published by Black Industries. Other notable products include the "Freeport", "Thieves World" and "The Black Company" d20 settings, "Mutants and Masterminds", "Blue Rose", and "True20".

Mutants & Masterminds, 2nd Edition

*Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition
*A More Perfect Union
*Agents of Freedom
*Book of Magic
*Golden Age
*Crooks! Second Edition (pdf only)
*Freedom City Second Edition
*Freedom City Atlas: Pyramid Plaza (pdf only)
*Freedom City Atlas 2: The Scarab's Lair (pdf only)
*Freedom's Most Wanted (coming soon)
*Hero High
*Instant Superheroes
*Iron Age
*Mastermind's Manual
*Mecha & Manga (coming soon)
*Mutants & Masterminds Beginner's Guide
*Mutants & Masterminds Pocket Player's Guide
*Mutants & Masterminds Annual #2
*Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition GM Screen
*Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition Deluxe GM Screen
*Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition Character Record Folio
*Paragons Campaign Setting
*Time of Vengeance
*Ultimate Power
*Time of Crisis Second Edition (stand-alone pdf or with Deluxe GM Screen)
*Time of Vengeance
*Wild Cards Campaign Setting
*Wild Cards — All-In
*Worlds of Freedom

Mutants & Masterminds, 1st Edition

*Foes of Freedom
*Gimmick's Guide to Gadgets
*Mutants & Masterminds Character Record Folio
*Mutants & Masterminds Annual #1
*Mutants & Masterminds GM's Screen
*Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion
*Time of Crisis


*True20 Adventure Roleplaying--Revised Edition
*True20 Adventure Roleplaying
*True20 Bestiary
*True20 Adept's Handbook
*True20 Companion
*True20 Expert's Handbook
*True20 Freeport Companion
*True20 Narrator's Kit
*True20 Pocket Player's Guide
*True20 Warrior's Handbook (coming soon)
*True20 Worlds of Adventure
*Blue Rose - The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy
*Blue Rose Companion
*Blue Rose - The World of Aldea
*True Sorcery
*Damnation Decade

Freeport Setting: d20

*Black Sails Over Freeport
*Creatures of Freeport
*Crisis in Freeport
*d20 Freeport Companion
*Dark Wings Over Freeport (from Bleeding Edge)
*Denizens of Freeport
*The Freeport Trilogy Five Year Anniversary Edition
*Hell in Freeport
*Gangs of Freeport (from Adamant Entertainment)
*Tales of Freeport
*Vengeance in Freeport (from Ronin Arts)

Freeport Setting: System-less

*Pirate's Guide to Freeport
*Buccaneers of Freeport
*Cults of Freeport

Freeport Setting: Other Systems

*Savage Worlds Freeport Companion

Bleeding Edge Adventures

*Mansion of Shadows
*Beyond the Towers
*Dirge of the Damned
*A Dreadful Dawn
*Temple Of The Death Goddess
*Escape From Ceranir
*Trouble In Swiftwater - "coming soon"
*"A campaign world-specific adventure, "Dark Wings Over Freeport,"was published as a Bleeding Edge Adventures Special"

Thieves' World

*Black Snake Dawn
*Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn
*Shadowspawn's Guide to Sanctuary
*Thieves' World Player's Manual
*Thieves' World Gazzetteer

Mythic Vistas

*Damnation Decade
*Eternal Rome
*The Black Company Campaign Setting
*Sidewinder: Recoiled
*Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra
*The Red Star Campaign Setting
*The Trojan War
*Medieval Player's Manual
*Testament: Roleplaying in the Biblical Era
*Skull & Bones

Advanced Rulebooks

*Advanced Race Codex
*Advanced Gamemaster's Guide
*Advanced Player's Manual
*Advanced Bestiary

Monster Compendiums

*Monsters of the Mind
*The Book of Fiends
*Armies of the Abyss
*Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts
*Legions of Hell

d20 Classic

*The Cavalier's Handbook
*The Psychic's Handbook
*The Noble's Handbook
*The Unholy Warrior's Handbook
*The Avatar's Handbook
*The Witch's Handbook
*The Assassin's Handbook
*The Shaman's Handbook
*Pocket Magica
*Pocket Grimore Divine
*Pocket Grimore Arcane
*Dezzavold: Fortress of the Drow
*Corwyl: Village of the Wood Elves
*Aasimar & Tiefling: A Guidebook to the Planetouched
*Bow & Blade: A Guidebook to Wood Elves
*Fang & Fury: A Guidebook to Vampires
*Bastards & Bloodlines
*Plot & Poison: A Guidebook to Drow
*Wrath & Rage
*Hammer & Helm
*The Book of the Righteous
*Secret College of Necromancy
*Arcana: Societies of Magic

The Game Mechanics

*Temple Quarter
*Artifacts of the Ages: Rings
*Thieves' Quarter
*Artifacts of the Ages: Swords and Staves


*Future Player's Companion
*Modern Magic
*Martial Arts Mayhem
*Modern Player's Companion
*Modern GM Screen
*Ultramodern Firearms d20

d20 System Misc

*d20 System Character Record Folio (3.5 updated)

tandalone Products

*Faery's Tale Deluxe
*Spaceship Zero
*Spaceship Zero: Slave Ship of Despair
*Dungeons of Doom
*Todd Gamble's Cartographica
*Ork! The Roleplaying Game

Card and Board Games

*Torches & Pitchforks Card Game
*Walk the Plank Card Game

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