Roman Catholic Diocese of Qingdao

Roman Catholic Diocese of Qingdao

Infobox Diocese| jurisdiction=Diocese
name= Qingdao
latin= Dioecesis Zimtaovensis
country= China | metropolitan=Jinan
rite=Latin Rite
cathedral = 圣彌格爾主教座堂
("St. Michael’s Cathedral")
cocathedral =
bishop= "vacant"
coadjutor =
auxiliary_bishops =

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Qingdao/Tsíngtao {Latin: " Zimtaoven(sis)", 中文: 青島} is a diocese located in the city of Qingdao in the Ecclesiastical province of Jinan in China.


* February 11, 1925: Established as Apostolic Prefecture of Qingdao 青島 from the Apostolic Vicariate of Yanzhoufu 兖州府
* June 14, 1928: Promoted as Apostolic Vicariate of Qingdao 青島
* April 11, 1946: Promoted as Diocese of Qingdao 青島


* Bishops of Qingdao 青島 (Roman rite)
** Bishop Augustin Olbert, S.V.D. (July 8, 1948 – November 18, 1964)
** Bishop Faustino M. Tissot, S.X. (1946 – 1947)
* Vicars Apostolic of Qingdao 青島 (Roman Rite)
** Cardinal Thomas Tien-ken-sin, S.V.D. (田耕莘) (November 10, 1942 – April 11, 1946)
** Bishop Giorgio Weig, S.V.D. (June 14, 1928 – 1941)
* Prefects Apostolic of Qingdao 青島 (Roman Rite)
** Bishop Giorgio Weig, S.V.D. (March 18, 1925 – June 14, 1928)


* [ Giga-Catholic Information]
* [ Catholic Hierarchy]

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