Children of All My Children

Children of All My Children

Children of All My Children refers to fictional children from the daytime drama All My Children.


AJ Chandler

unknown babies (March 24, 2004)
Liam and Aidan O´Donell
Jared Sturman (January 25, 2005-February 10, 2005, June 13, 2005-June 2, 2008)
Shane Passaro (back up child for Jared)
Rory and Declan McTigue (August 18, 2008-2010)
Tate Berney (February 2010-present)

Adam "AJ" Chandler III (formerly Asa "Ace" Buchanan II) is the son of Adam "JR" Chandler Jr. and Arabella "Babe" Carey and adopted by Marissa Tasker. He was born on March 24, 2004, along with Miranda Montgomery. He was kidnapped at birth and given to his mother's ex-husband's sister Kelly Cramer on One Life to Live. He was returned, and little Adam's parents had a number of custody battles over him. His mother died on October 27, 2008, and JR tried to help him deal with it, while coping with the grief himself. Little Adam's maternal grandparents, David Hayward and Krystal Carey, tried to get custody of him following Babe's death, but JR ultimately got him. JR married Babe's sister, Marissa, and had her adopt Little Adam when he was diagnosed with leukemia. JR recovered from the cancer. As of February, 2010, Little Adam wanted a grown-up name, so at Marissa's suggestion, he is now called AJ Chandler. In August 2011, when JR starts drinking again and becomes increasingly volatile, Marissa (now divorced from JR) files for a restraining order and is granted sole custody of AJ.

Ellie Hubbard

Eleanor "Ellie" Hubbard is the daughter of Jesse Hubbard and Angie Hubbard. She was stillborn on March 30th 2011. Ellie was named after Jesse's deceased mother Ellie Grant Hubbard. She is Angie's second biological child and Jesse's third. Angie did't know that her daughter died because Jesse swapped Ellie with Lucy until September 2011 when Jesse finally revealed to Angie that Lucy is their nanny Maya's baby and Ellie was stillborn.

Lucy Hubbard

Addison,isis,Jackson Amaya London, Royal B.

Lucille Eleanor "Lucy" Hubbard is the daughter of Mookie and Maya Mercado, and the legal daughter of Jesse Hubbard and Angie Hubbard. She was born on March 30, 2011 to Maya. Maya placed "Lucille" in Brot Monroe's police car because she was not able to care for her and to protect her from her abusive father. On the same night, Angie gave birth to a stillborn baby girl, delivered by Jesse. Distraught, Jesse decided to swap the babies while Angie was passed out from blood loss. The only people who know of the swap are Jesse and Brot. Originally named Ellie, Angie decided to rename her Lucille. On September 4, 2011, Jesse tells Angie that Lucy is not their daughter but Maya's daughter. Angie tells Maya that Lucy is really her daughter despite her fears that Maya will take Lucy and leave town. Upon learning that Lucy is really her daughter, Maya takes Lucy and moves in with Liza Colby and Colby Chandler until she is ready to leave town. On September 19th, Maya changes her mind about leaving town, and she and Lucy move back in with Jesse and Angie much to their delight.

Emma Lavery

Lucy Merriam (August 18, 2006 to December 2009)
Emily Alyn Lind (February 2010-August 2010)
Danielle Parker (August 2010-present)

Emma Lavery (born Emma McDermott) is the daughter of Ryan Lavery and Annie Lavery. She was born on May 12th 2002. She has a younger paternal half-brother Spike Lavery. Emma was born through in vitro when Annie used (anonymous donor) Ryan's sperm sample. Emma didn't meet her biological father Ryan until she was four years old. Her parents later married, but after their divorce and Annie's incarceration in a mental facility, Ryan won custody. Annie leveraged her subsequent marriage to Adam Chandler to regain shared custody, and moved Emma into the Chandler mansion. Emma was involved in the Stuart Chandler murder investigation, due to the fact that she was one of the witnesses to the 2009 murder. Annie took Emma from Ryan and Greenlee's wedding in February 2011 and decided to leave town with her daughter. In March 2011, Emma returned to Pine Valley with Annie, where she was reunited with her dad. She had a younger paternal half-sister Sara Lavery, but baby Sara died shortly after she was born.

Spike Lavery

unknown babies (2006)
Ava and Julia Farrar (October 2, 2006 - June 28, 2007)
Alexander, Benjamin and Caleb Eckstein (July 16, 2007 - December 2009)
Jake Vaughn (April 2010 - Present)

Spike Aloysius Lavery is the son of Ryan Lavery and Kendall Hart Slater. He was born on May 31, 2006. He has an older paternal half-sister Emma Lavery and a younger maternal half-brother Ian Slater and younger paternal half-sister Sara Lavery. Spike was born through in vitro and was supposed to be the child of Ryan Lavery and Greenlee Smythe, but Kendall was forced to use her own egg after Greenlee's eggs couldn't be used. Spike has been raised by his mother Kendall and stepfather Zachary "Zach" Slater, with Ryan having visitation.

Sara Lavery

Sara Erin Lavery was the daughter of Ryan Lavery and Madison North. She was born at 28 weeks on May 11, 2011. On May 19, 2011, she developed pneumonia and didn't survive.

Jenny Martin

Ashley and Thomas (April 11, 2007 - ?)
Rebecca and Jacqueline Levine (July 12, 2007 - November 12, 2008)
Rachael and Jessica Slomovitz (December 2008 - December 2009)
Devon Woods (March 2010 - December 2010)
Darby Jo Hart (December 27, 2010 - Present)

Jennifer "Jenny" Colby Martin (was to be named Charlotte Carey Chandler and formerly Jennifer "Jenny" Carey) is the daughter of Thaddeus "Tad" Martin and Krystal Carey. She was originally thought to be Adam Chandler Sr.'s child. She was born on April 11, 2007. Jenny was delivered by Colby Chandler. Jamie Martin, Kathy Mershon and Damon Miller are her paternal half-siblings & Babe Carey and Marissa Tasker are her maternal half-sisters. Jenny's maternal half-nephew Adam Chandler III is actually three years older than she is. She is named after her paternal aunt Jenny Gardner. Although her parents are divorced, they live together, with her half-sister Kathy, and share custody.

Kathy Martin

unknown 1 year old (2002)
Alexa Gerasimovich (December 26, 2006 - January 2010)
Dannika Northcott (April 2010 - present)

Kathleen "Kathy" Martin (born Kate Martin; formerly Kathy Mershon) is the child of Thaddeus "Tad" Martin and Dixie Cooney. Kathy has three paternal half-siblings, Jamie Martin, Damon Miller and Jenny Martin, and one maternal half-brother, JR Chandler. She was born on June 2, 2002. Kathy was given up for adoption by Dixie when she thought she was dying. Dixie lived and then spent the next four years looking for her, letting everyone think that she died. Kathy was adopted by Jim and Linda Mershon and had a happy life. Jim and Linda later died in a car crash Christmas 2006, and Kathy was taken in by Julia Santos. Kathy lived with Julia for over a year, and went to live with her father Tad following Julia's death in May 2008. Kathy ran away from her father after hearing him and Krystal fighting about Krystal's affair. Kathy returned to her father and recently, Krystal returned to her family and is currently living with her daughter and ex-husband. In August 2011, it is revealed that her mom, Dixie, is still alive and Dixie and Kathy meet for the first time.

Trevor Martin

Aidan & Connor Sharpe (July 17, 2009-January 2010)
Logan & Noah Ireland (January 2010-July 2010)
Dylan & Jordan Duszynski(July 2010-2011)
Michael & Brody McMaklin (February 2011-September 2011)

Trevor Jacob Martin was born on June 12, 2009 to Amanda Martin and Jake Martin. His mother and stepfather told everyone that the baby "Jacob" had died as a way to keep him away from David Hayward, believed to be his biological father at the time. "Jacob" was then illegally adopted by Liza Colby, who passed the baby boy off as her own biological son, whom she named Stuart.

Liza Colby and Amanda's husband Jake Martin came up with a plan to make everyone in Pine Valley believe that Stuart is her biological son - she doesn't know that Stuart is another child, not the son of Amanda and David. Amanda names him Trevor after her late father. To keep their son safe, Trevor was hidden with Taylor Thompson, who pretended that Trevor is her niece Tracy.

Amanda and Jake hatched a plan to adopt the baby as their own. Opal and her granddaughter Kathy discovered the baby, and Opal helped Jake, Amanda, Tad and Taylor "discover" the baby abandoned at the church so Jake and Amanda can "adopt" him. Opal didn't show up and he was discovered and taken by Randi Hubbard.

David learned that his son was alive and wanted to put Amanda and Jake in jail, but then decided to blackmail Amanda into moving in with him and their child. Amanda and the baby move in together with David. David doesn't want Amanda's husband to have anything to do with "their" child.

David finds out he is not Trevor's father on November 30, 2009, and he doesn't tell Jake because he wants Amanda and Trevor to himself. To cover up the secret, he tells Amanda that he is dying from a rare blood disease. He manages to gain Amanda's sympathy.

Trevor and his mother move in with his father, Jake, on December 23, 2009. On January 13, 2010, Trevor is tested for the same blood disease as David when Amanda finds information that indicates the disease is hereditary. Luckily, the results are negative. Amanda begins to question Trevor's paternity, and has a test run to determine if David or JR Chandler is the father. She later confides to Jake that she thinks he might be Trevor's father. The paternity test comes in and Trevor is proven to be Jake's son, not David's.

Miranda Montgomery

unknown babies (March 19, 2004- August 2004)
Raymond Michael and Joseph Raymond Cartigiano Jr. (August 2004- February 24, 2005)
Haley Evans (December 2005 to 2009)
Mackenzie Aladjem (July 2010-2011)

Miranda Mona Montgomery[1] is the daughter of Michael Cambias and Bianca Montgomery. Miranda is the product of rape. She was born on March 24, 2004, the same night as Adam Chandler III. She was switched at birth by Paul Cramer and was thought to the child of Adam "J.R." Chandler Jr. and Arabella "Babe" Carey. She was raised by J.R. and Babe for almost a year before being returned to Bianca. Miranda has spent most of her life living in Paris with her mother. Miranda is friends with Kathleen "Kathy" Mershon, Emma Lavery, and Adam Chandler III. She has a younger maternal half-sister her paternal uncle Zach donated his sperm so her mother could have another child (Gabrielle Montgomery).

Gabrielle Montgomery

Alivia, Anthony, Olivia and Brynne (October 2008 - Spring 2009)
Aerowyne Jones (July 2010)
Ellah Miller (July 2010 - 2011)

Gabrielle Amelia Williams Montgomery[1] is the daughter of Bianca Montgomery and Reese Williams via artificial insemination with the help of Zach Slater, but is raised by Bianca and Reese. She was born on October 21, 2008 with the help of her father, Zach. She was born seven weeks early. She is the second daughter of Bianca Montgomery, the second granddaughter of Erica Kane. She lived with her father and mothers during the first couple months of her life while her aunt was in her coma. When Kendall woke up, Kendall ordered both Reese and Bianca, along with her nieces out of her house, because of her being hurt that both Zach and Bianca lied to her about the baby being Zach's. Her mothers were married in February 2009. Her mother (Bianca) returned to Paris to figure out if she wanted to try again with her (Reese). Bianca took both girls with her. Bianca and the girls are scheduled to return in the winter of 2010. Ethan Cambias is her paternal half-brother and Ian Slater is her paternal half-brother and maternal half-cousin, while Miranda Montgomery is her maternal half-sister and Bianca and Reese returned to Paris to raise their daughters Miranda and Gabrielle together. After Bianca returned to Pine Valley to search for her missing mother in July 2010, she decided to bring the whole family back. Gabrielle currently resides at Wildwind with her mother, sister, and Caleb Cooney.

Ian Slater

Doll (July 26, 2007- ? 2007)
Adrianna Fernicola
Scott Peck
Blake and Caden Pandormo
Luke and Cole Amante (April 2009-January 2010)
Britton Reeder (April 2010-2011)

Ian Slater[2] is the first born son of the couple Kendall and Zach Slater. He is the second son of Kendall Slater and the second son of Zach Slater. He was born July 26, 2007 and was three months premature. He has two half-brothers named Ethan (paternal) and Spike (maternal) and he also has a younger paternal half-sister named Gabrielle who is also his maternal half-cousin. Ian is the third grandchild of Erica Kane. When Ian was born, Greenlee Smythe tried to take Spike away from his mother.

When Ian was taken to the hospital for a heart problem, Kendall and Zach were told that their son would die. When Ian appeared to have died, Kendall went to the Chandler mansion to kill Adam Chandler because she blamed him for the baby's death - not knowing that Dr. Jake Martin and Dr. Angie Hubbard were still working to save him. A shot was fired that seemed to have killed Adam, but actually killed Adam's twin brother Stuart.

Kendall was arrested for the murder of Stuart, but it was later revealed that Adam had killed him under the influence of drugs. Kendall and Zach left town with the boys so they could work on their marriage away from Pine Valley and from the stress of their problems.

Lorenzo Santos

Lorenzo Santos is a fictional character on the American soap opera All My Children. Enzo is the son of Mateo Santos Sr. and his wife Hayley Vaughan Santos. Enzo was born August 29, 2001, however, it was changed to 1991. He has a paternal half-brother Max Santos. He is a member of the powerful and wealthy Chandler family.


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