Wide Awake (novel)

Wide Awake (novel)

Wide Awake is a speculative fiction novel by David Levithan set in the near future, after fictitious events such as The Greater Depression (aka The Debt, Deficit, and Fuel Depression), the establishment of Worldwide Health Care, and The Reign of Fear, which included The War to End All Wars.


Main Characters - Students

Duncan Weiss

Duncan is the gay Jewish protagonist of the story.

James 'Jimmy' Jones

Jimmy is Duncan's boyfriend.


Mira is a Chinese-American girl who was in a serious long-term relationship with Keisha.


Keisha is an African-American girl who was caught in a love triangle between Mira and Sara.


Sara is a college student who has taken the semester off to help Stein's campaign.


Janna is a Jesus Freak who is best friends with Mandy. Her parents were involved with the Jesus Revolution from the start.


Mandy is a Jesus Freak who is best friends with Janna. Her family were nonbelievers until, while her father was out of work and her mother was undergoing treatment for cancer, they attended church with Mandy's aunt.


Gus is a gay Jesus Freak postconsumer activist. He has an unusual manner of speech.

Main Characters - Adults

Abraham Stein

Stein is the gay Jewish candidate for President of the United States. He has a forty-five year old husband, Ron, and two children, Jeffrey and Jess. His running mate is Alice Martinez.

Other Students

Jesse Marin

Jesse is the son of Decent parents. He antagonizes the students who support Stein's campaign.


A friend of Jesse's.

Mary Catherine

Cathy is a former friend of Janna and Mandy's. She became a Decent and changed her name to Mary Catherine, and broke off all further contact with her former friends.


Mr. Cotter

The Principal of Duncan's school.

Mr. Farnsworth

Mr. Farnsworth is one of the teachers at Duncan's school. He warns Duncan not to provoke Mr. Davis in class.

Mr. Davis

Mr. Davis is a Decent teacher at Duncan's school. He is an Iraq War re-enactor.

Ms. Kaye

Ms. Kaye is the sixty-five year old librarian at Duncan's school. She supports the Stein/Martinez campaign.

Other Characters

Holy Ghostwriter

Holy Ghostwriter is a Jesus Revolution pop act. Songs include "I Freak Out For Jesus".


Pre-"Wide Awake"

*The Greater Depression (aka The Debt, Deficit, and Fuel Depression) - the American government began spending more and got further into debt. When countries started asking for repayment, prices started growing, which caused the Greater Depression.
*The Andreas Quake - occurred on 3/12 and helped inspire the Jesus Revolution.
*The Hurricane Wanda - occurred on 7/23 and helped inspire the Jesus Revolution.
*The Reign of Fear - the President decided to end the Greater Depression by launching The War to End All Wars, which led to the (unexplained to readers) tragic events of 4/5. The Decent party was established, and members created the Denial Education program. The Opus Dei Trials occurred.
*The Prada Riots - when The War to End All Wars proved ineffective, citizens began to protest that some people were still rich while the rest were struggling.
*Worldwide Health Care - established to combat the monopoly of drug companies over whole dying nations.
*The Jesus Revolution

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* [http://davidlevithan.com/ David Levithan's Official Website]
* [http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=42484968 David Levithan's Myspace]
* [http://www.thisispush.com/ PUSH Website]

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