Zhang GuoLiang

Zhang GuoLiang

Zhang GuoLiang (zh-c|c=張國樑; (1810? - April 1860) born in Guangdong was a Chinese Field Marshal for the Qing dynasty. He was a scion of a Meizhou family who led Chinese military operations that He raised the Green Standard Army 250,000 to fight against the Taiping Rebellion but loss at last. He was defeated and suicide by Li Xiucheng(The second rout the Army Group Jiangnan in 1860). He served as a minister to the emperor and a vice commander of Army Group Jiangnan(Jiangnan DaYing江南大營) until his kIA, and his death increased the Qing depend on Zeng Guofan to mop the Taiping Rebellion in Jiangnan. Zeng Guofan praised Zhang and said him was Jiangnan‘s Great Wall of China.

Kung fu excellent

Big head sheep

*Zhang GuoLiang had a nickname:Big head sheep on the gang Tiandihui, was a bandit once upon a time and surrender to Lao Chongguang(then Lao was the vice Governor of Guangxi province) at last in 1850. He was in the habit of hidden a dagger at his boots.
*In 5 august 1854, Shi Dakai older brother was one of gang Tiandihuis and knew Zhang long time ago, Shi older brother was a Kung fu master,too. In the battlefield he shout toward Zhang: [How dare you combat with me one by one without any army?] challenge to Zhang, Zhang promised Shi and combat with Kung fu by ride horse. Shi defeated and caught Zhang at last and Shi taken Zhang on horse that came back to the Taiping camp, on this time Zhang took his dagger cut broken Shi older brother right leg and escaped to Qing army, increased Shi older brother was dead.

Recovery Zhenjiang

In 1856, Zhang GuoLiang led army recovery important city Zhenjiang where occupied by Taiping 5 years, this merit gave Emperor deep impression to Zhang, created Imperial yellow jacket and promoted First Class Senior General.

Dead in Danyang

*In april 1860, when Zhang was defeated, he led remaineds 20,000 retreated toward north and stay in city Danyang, then he took risk out city, wanna search aid army from Feng Zicai, but many Taiping as Qing army‘s uniform from back tricked Zhang and raised offensive, Zhang ride horse ran lonely and fallen on wet land and suicide by his sword.
*After Zhang GuoLiang dead, Zeng Guofan divided 2 parts of the Zhang‘s former power of offices, Appointed navy general Huang Esen instead one part of two, soon,Huang led 20,000 army reinforcement Battle of Shanghai (1861).

Emperor:Search his body!

When Zhang KIA message to Beijing, Xianfeng Emperor very shocked and scream many times : [I don‘t believe!I don‘t believe!....] resound cold Forbidden City and faced the Second Opium War that double presses made sad Emperor fallen in hopeless(Jiangnan was the most important tax area and Xianfeng donot very trust Zeng Guofan )collapse and death by Alcoholism after 18 months in Chengde Mountain Resort. but Qing officials still never found Zhang‘s body.

Jiangnan people knew Zhang‘s KIA, many people cryed and set memorial tablet obeisance at home for Zhang as a patron angel.

Till captured Li Xiucheng in July 1864, Li said even Taiping respect Zhang and buried body on somewhere temple on Danyang, Qing just found Zhang‘s body at last and dig reburied in Nanjing.


*created the royal BATURU(Manchu:the Brave) in 1853
*created Imperial yellow jacket(黃馬褂) in 1857
*created Baron Yiyong of the First Class, Order of succession 勇毅一等男爵, 世襲)
*burried in the Nanjing Pantheon.


*Draft History of Qing
*Jiangnan DaYing

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