A Brief Overview

A Brief Overview

Infobox Album | Name = A Brief Overview
Type = Compilation album
Artist = Beck

Released = 2005
Recorded = Various
Genre = Alternative rock
Length = 42:42
Label = Polydor
Producer = Beck Hansen
Last album = "Guero" (2005)
This album = "A Brief Overview" (2005)
Next album =|

"A Brief Overview" is a promotional album by Beck, released in 2005. It is a retrospective including the first single from his then current release, "Guero", going back through "Sea Change", "Mutations", "Midnite Vultures", "Odelay", "One Foot In The Grave", and "Mellow Gold". It also features a remix of the "Guero" track "Hell Yes," called "Ghettochip Malfunction," that later appeared on the "Guerolito" remix album. This compilation features two identical versions of "E-Pro," the lead single from "Guero".

Track listing

# "E-Pro" (Guero) – 3:25
# "The New Pollution" (Odelay) – 3:41
# "Nobody's Fault But My Own" (Mutations) – 5:04
# "Guess I'm Doing Fine" (Sea Change) – 4:51
# "Burnt Orange Peel" (One Foot In the Grave) – 1:39
# "Get Real Paid" (Midnite Vultures) – 4:22
# "Ghettochip Malfunction" (Guerolito) – 2:41
# "Devil's Haircut" (Odelay) – 3:16
# "Loser" (Mellow Gold) – 3:57
# "E-Pro" (Guero) – 3:24
# "Lost Cause" (Sea Change) – 3:49
# "Asshole" (One Foot In the Grave) – 2:32

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