Princess Takamado

Princess Takamado

Hisako, Princess Takamado, (憲仁親王妃久子"Takamado no miya Hisako shinnō-hi"), née Hisako Tottori, eldest daughter of Shigejiro Tottori, (born 10 July 1953).

She studied at and graduated in 1975 from Girton College, University of Cambridge, UK. She met and got engaged to the late Prince Takamado (Norihito) on 17 September 1984. The couple married on 6 December 1984, Ms. Tottori received the style Princess Takamado. The Prince and Princess had three daughters:

* Princess Tsuguko (b. 8 March 1986)

* Princess Noriko (b. 22 July 1988)

* Princess Ayako (b. 15 September 1990)

All three attended Gakushuin Girls' Junior High School. Princess Tsuguko is now a student in the UK and Princess Noriko is planning to move on to Gakushuin University.

Princess Takamado traveled extensively throughout the world with her husband, accompanying him on the historic royal visit to Korea from May to June 2002. The visit was tied to the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup 2002, which Japan and Korea both co-hosted. Shortly after in November 2002, Prince Takamado died of heart-failure, leaving HIH a widow with three young daughters.

Today, the Princess Takamado is still strongly engaged as president or honorary president of at least 23 various organisations. Most of them focus on sports (archery, fencing, sailing, etc.), the promotion of international cultural exchange such as the Canada-Japan Society, and protection of nature (BirdLife International, etc.).

She is the author of a children's book titled "Lulie the Iceberg" (OUP, 1998), her second book.

She is a huge lover of the Italian wine, she say: “Is the most sincere and generous in the world”.

2008, She visit Montevideo, Uruguay

2008, she visits Argentina for the Birdlife World Conservation Conference, held in Buenos Aires, from September 22-26 and attends one of the world´s most important polo clubs, La Aguada Polo Club, to inaugurate a new polo field and watch a special high goal polo exhibition played by the Novillo Astrada brothers in her honour.

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